These Causes and How to Overcome the Car Alarm Sounds Continuously

A car alarm is one of the most important features to ensure car safety. But what if the car alarm keeps sounding and doesn't work properly? In addition to being annoying, this certainly makes the safety of the car no longer optimal.

Currently, there are many types of cars that have been equipped with alarm features. Usually the car will be equipped with a remote to activate and deactivate the alarm feature in the car. However, in some cases, the car alarm sometimes does not work properly which makes the alarm sound itself and even sound continuously.

There are many causes of a car alarm sounding continuously, one of which is because the sensitivity of the alarm is damaged. In addition, a car door that is still open can also make the alarm sound continuously. Other factors can also be the cause of why your car alarm can sound continuously.

Well, through this article, automotive tips will discuss in full about the types of car alarms, the causes of car alarms sounding constantly, and how to overcome them. Come on, see!

Types of Car Alarm

Currently there are many types of car alarms that you can find on the market. In addition to the built-in car alarm, you can also buy your own alarm to increase car security or as a substitute if the car alarm keeps sounding. Some types of car alarms that are commonly used today include:

1. Remote Controlled Sensor Bypass

One of the most common and widely used types of car alarms is the remote controlled sensor bypass. This alarm is quite easy to use because you can control the car alarm using the remote. This alarm can also be used in a long distance so that it will be easier for users. Although practical, this type still has the possibility of a car alarm sounding continuously in case of damage to its components.

2. Auto Lock / Unlock

Auto lock or unlock alarm works by recognizing engine sensors. When the driver is in the car and the engine is started, the car door will be locked automatically. After the engine is turned off, the door lock will also automatically open again.

3. Anti Scan / Anti Grab Prevention / Anti Code Grabbing

Anti scan is a type of car alarm that can prevent thieves from hijacking code numbers or frequencies. In some cases, car thieves carry out car break-ins by scanning the car's security code and then using it to hijack the target. With this type of alarm, it will be difficult for thieves to break into your car's security code.

4. Automatic Disable Sensor / Starter Disable Output

Automatic disable sensor is the last layer of alarm used for cars. This alarm will work when the car engine is forcibly turned on by making an auto starter relay which disconnects the electricity from the car's ignition. The result is the car engine will die so the car cannot be taken away.

5. Two Stage Shock Sensor / Dual Zone Shock Sensor

Two stage shock sensor is a type of car alarm that is sensitive to shocks. This alarm will sound in case of shock. If the first shock is ignored, it still occurs continuously, then the alarm will sound louder. You don't need to find a way to deal with this constant beeping car alarm because that's how it works.

5. Led System Status Indicator

LED system status indicator is a type of car alarm that is able to provide a report to the driver in the form of a flashing code. The alarm will flash once, twice and so on with each blink having a meaning and the level of disturbance the car is experiencing.

6. Gps Car Alarm

Another type of car alarm that is commonly used today is the GPS Car Alarm. This is the most sophisticated type of car alarm that does not work by making a sound but by tracking the whereabouts of the car when theft occurs.

Components and How Car Alarms Work

In carrying out its function, a car alarm consists of three simple components that are interconnected. The three components are sensors, control unit, siren and flashing lights. For more details about these three components, see the following review.

1. Sensor

Sensors on car alarms are usually installed on the door. The alarm sensor works by sending a signal to the control unit when the car experiences a shock. Furthermore, a microphone or pressure sensor that detects a sound level that is too loud, such as glass breaking in an attempted theft, will make a sound if there is an attempt to force the door open. If this sensor has a problem, it can cause the car alarm to sound continuously when locked.

2. Control Unit

The signals that are captured through the sensor will then be sent to the control unit. Later the system will activate outputs such as sirens or flashing lights which are signs or car alarms. In general, the control unit system uses a radio wave transmitter. If the control unit component has a problem, it can cause a midnight alarm, you know.

3. Siren and Flashing Lights

The siren works by relying on the transmission of signals captured by sensors on orders from the control unit. Furthermore, the output signal will be activated by emitting sound from the speaker device or flashing lights. These two types of output become alarms or warnings if something happens to your vehicle. However, if the avanza car alarm continues to sound, it means there is a problem with the car sensor.

Causes of Car Alarm Sounds Constantly

The alarm that sounds continuously will definitely make you uncomfortable. This condition can occur due to various reasons. Here are some things that can cause a car alarm to sound constantly that you need to know.

1. Sensitivity Broken Alarm

One of the causes of your car alarm often sounding itself and even sounding continuously is because the sensitivity of the alarm has been damaged. Car alarms are equipped with sensors located on the car door. This sensor will work to detect sound or vibration that occurs in the car. If the sensitivity of the car sensor is damaged, it can cause a car alarm when starting or sound continuously even when not in use.

2. Car Door Still Open

Another thing that can cause the car alarm to sound continuously is because the car door is still open. This can happen when you feel you have closed the car door properly but have not. This condition can make the car alarm sound continuously because the alarm sensor detects a signal from the door as part of the security system. To anticipate this, you can take advantage of the light sensor on the car where the lights will turn off if the door is completely closed. If the light is still on, it means the door is not closed properly.

3. Central Lock Battery Is Damaged or Exhausted

Central lock is a component that functions to lock all car doors from one switch. If the central lock battery runs out, you have to open the car door manually and it can cause the car alarm to sound. The way to deal with the avanza car alarm sounding continuously because of this problem is to immediately replace the exhausted battery.

4. Damage to Alarm Components

Car alarms work by relying on several important components such as sensors, control units, sirens and flashing lights. If one of the components of the alarm is damaged, then the alarm will not be able to work properly. This can make the car alarm sound continuously. The fix is ​​to immediately check the alarm system to detect any damage that has occurred.

5. Broken Hood Sensor

A damaged car hood can also cause your car alarm to sound continuously. This condition occurs because the sensor detects that the hood is still open so that it gives an alarm response to sound. To fix this, you can first open the hood and then try to close it again. Then press the lock button on the car remote.

How to Overcome Car Alarm Sounds

A car alarm that has a problem and makes it sound continuously will definitely disturb the comfort of the vehicle owner. Not only that, a problematic car alarm can also interfere with the safety of the car and its owner. Therefore, you must immediately find a way to make the car alarm sound continuously.

1. Replace Remote Battery

A problematic car alarm could be caused by the central lock battery running out. The more often the remote control alarm is used, the faster the battery will run out which can cause the car alarm to sound and the car does not start. To solve this problem, you can simply replace the remote battery with a new one but make sure to use the right type and type.

2. Change Alarm to Silent Mode

Another way you can do to overcome a car alarm that sounds constantly is to change the mode on the central lock to silent mode. This way, it will keep the alarm from sounding until you return to normal mode. This method is powerful enough to overcome the car alarm sounding continuously to disturb people's peace.

3. Do the Manual Way to Overcome the Sound Car Alarm

Car alarms that sound continuously can also be overcome manually. This method is quite easy to do because you only need to open the door manually using the ignition key. After the key enters the starter hole, then back and forth the key from the ACC position to On 10 times quickly.

How to Install a Car Alarm

Alarm is one component that can increase the security of your car. Currently, many car manufacturers have embedded alarm features for issued car products. However, you can also install additional alarms yourself to increase security or replace the car alarm that keeps sounding when the door is opened.

There is an easy way that you can use if you want to set an alarm, namely:

1. Select Central Lock and Alarm Installation

The first step when you want to install a car alarm that sounds when it is locked is to choose a central lock that matches the type of car. This is so that the car alarm can function properly on your vehicle. Also make sure the components in the central lock are complete and functioning properly.

After the central lock is ready, you also have to pay attention to how to place the alarm according to the type of car, power source, to electrical installation. If all the components and preparation for placement are ready, you can immediately do the installation yourself or use the services of a trusted repair shop.

2. Connect Central Lock with Alarm

The next step in the process of installing a car alarm is to connect the central lock to the alarm. Make sure this process is done correctly to avoid the alza car alarm sounding continuously. This method requires precision and expertise so that the alarm can function properly. If you feel you are having trouble, it's a good idea to ask for professional help to do the installation.

Tips for Choosing a Good and Quality Car Alarm

Currently there are many types of car alarms that you can choose according to your needs. Even so, you must be able to choose the type of alarm that is most appropriate and according to your car type so that it can function properly. Here are tips for choosing a quality car alarm to avoid the car alarm sounding continuously when locked or opened.

1. Choose a Car Alarm That Fits Your Budget

Currently there are many choices of types of car alarms with varying prices. When you want to buy a car alarm, choose the type that fits your budget. Even so, keep in mind the features offered by the alarm you choose.

2. Pay Attention to the Compatibility of the Car Type with the Alarm

Not all types of alarms can be installed on all types of vehicles. Therefore, before buying a car alarm, make sure to pay attention to the compatibility of the type of car with the alarm. In this way, the alarm will be able to function properly while avoiding the risk of the alarm being damaged or ringing continuously. Don't forget to also pay attention to how to turn off the mobilio car alarm so that you can use it properly.

3. Know Signal Capture

When choosing a car alarm, there is no harm in knowing first the capture power of the alarm signal. You need to pay attention to how far the alarm can catch your remote control signal. You need to pay attention to this method because it will make it easier to turn on or turn off the Innova car alarm because it can be done remotely.

4. Make Sure to Have a Warranty

It is very important to choose a car alarm that has a warranty to avoid the risk of loss due to the alarm not functioning properly. Therefore, before buying, pay attention to how long the manufacturer provides a warranty for the alarm product. The longer the warranty, the better the quality.

In this day and age, crimes against vehicles, especially cars, are very common. To avoid the risk of loss, car owners must provide good protection for their vehicles. One of them is by installing an alarm that can give a signal if the vehicle is in a dangerous condition.

The use of alarms can indeed make car security better. Unfortunately, the alarm also often experiences problems, causing the alarm to sound continuously so that it can disturb the surroundings. But there's no need to worry, because there are many ways the car alarm doesn't sound and can function normally again.

That's how to deal with car alarms that sound continuously that is important for you to know. By knowing how to handle a car alarm sounding constantly, you can make sure the alarm is working properly to keep your vehicle safe. To avoid this kind of thing, it's a good idea to check the alarm regularly at a trusted repair shop. In addition, protect your car by buying vehicle insurance to minimize future risks.