What is Trend Hunter (Coolhunting)? Definition of Trend Hunter (Coolhunting), Trend Hunter (Coolhunting) Meaning and Concept

A trend hunter, or coolhunter, is a person in charge of making predictions about changes or references that occur in certain sectors. Sectors such as fashion, shop or tourism, among others.

A trend hunter becomes a thorough researcher of the society around him. Well, it is in charge of analyzing its environment, as well as finding answers about what will be in fashion immediately. In other words, the coolhunter must always stay one step ahead.

What qualities should a coolhunter have?

The coolhunter must have a number of qualities to become an expert trend hunter.

Among them, the following should be highlighted:

  • Knowing how to research and collect information on fashion and trend issues.
  • You must have a neutral attitude about society to analyze the market and the stereotypes you come across with criteria.
  • Knowing how to handle new technologies, the internet to collect information and select all the necessary to carry out their work.
  • Be flexible, since you must spend time in the street with notebook in hand to write down everything you see around you.
  • You must know how to anticipate and avoid typecasting, always be alert to what may be new in our field.
  • Identify the threats that may affect a business.
  • Know new market niches, to be able to introduce services and products of the firm for which you work.

The importance of the trend hunter in companies

The most important advertising agencies and firms have understood the importance of professionals such as coolhunters. Well, thanks to their information and analysis, they can detect and anticipate the possible needs of the target audience.

Consumers, whose opinions influence the decision-making of other users, are also called coolhunters. This is because they help set trends for that brand.

The hunter's discipline in the company is recent. Previously, there was no general basis on the professionals who are engaged in it. For this reason, in 2010, and to reach a general consensus, the Spanish Coolhunting Association (AEC) was created; whose objective is to define the concepts that make up this work area.

Most of the professionals in this sector have been trained in a self-taught way. This is because there were no regulated studies, or other alternative training, in this regard. It is true that having training in advertising, marketing and marketing helps these professionals to delve into the news and trends that today's society offers.

Currently, thanks to the work of trend professionals, there are many books and bibliographic references to delve into the work they do. In this way, being able and allowing training, as well as knowing much more about their tasks and related concepts.