What is Corporate Social Marketing? Definition of Corporate Social Marketing, Corporate Social Marketing Meaning and Concept

Corporate social marketing is a company strategy aimed at transmitting values ​​and actions that promote social well-being to consumers. The company seeks to improve its image in society to increase its number of clients.

Corporate social marketing was born in the 70s by the hand of academics. It is a new marketing strategy that sought to attract customers indirectly in exchange for transmitting a series of values ​​and incentivizing certain actions.

This strategy aims for the client to feel a certain bond with the company due to the good values ​​and actions it transmits. In this way, just as corporate social responsibility encompasses those actions carried out for the welfare of workers or society, corporate social marketing communicates these values.

On the other hand, a positive consequence of this type of marketing is that it helps to build a more caring and responsible society. Along with this, it is possible to create in the client a positive perception of the company that is lasting and difficult to forget completely.

It is characteristic that it is a type of marketing that is not focused on the sale of any good or service. Companies invest their capital in campaigns that do not sell their product directly.

Objectives of corporate social marketing

This discipline of marketing has both economic and solidarity objectives to achieve a better society:

  • Improve the external corporate image in front of the client and even suppliers.
  • Make the client feel a bond with a responsible company.
  • Get higher income.
  • Indirect sales increase.
  • Encourage the improvement of society thanks to the values ​​that are transmitted.
  • Differentiation from competitors, getting consumers to purchase goods and services from a company due to their commitment and responsibility compared to others perceived as "less supportive".

In conclusion, corporate social marketing is a strategy included within marketing that aims to attract indirect customers through the dissemination of certain values ​​and actions that are considered responsible and beneficial for society as a whole.

Examples of corporate social marketing

In everyday life, we find a multitude of containers such as plastic bottles in which the word "recycle" is indicated. This is one of the actions implemented by corporate social marketing to convey to the population the importance of making a more sustainable society that is more respectful of the environment.

On the other hand, the advertising campaigns of the NGOs in which you can see how these organizations try to make society aware of the importance of making donations aimed at improving the living conditions of those who need it most.

Finally, another example that we can provide is that type of advertising campaigns that indicate that for the purchase of a certain good or service a percentage donation will be made to a cause committed to society.