What is Communication Functions? Definition of Communication Functions, Communication Functions Meaning and Concept

The communication has different functions. For example, report a fact, teach a specific topic, express feelings or clarify concepts and avoid mistakes. Communicating is essential in human beings and it is a process in which information is exchanged between two or more people.

Communication is a process in which two or more people exchange information. The emitter and the receiver are two essential elements for this to occur.

For there to be a good understanding, it is necessary to communicate fluently and transmit relevant information to clarify doubts or concepts.

Communication has outstanding functions that are very useful for individuals living in society.

What are the most prominent functions of communication?

These are the main functions:

  • Informational function: Conveying information is essential when we speak of this term. People communicate to live in a balanced way in society.
  • Expressive function: Communication allows you to express feelings. Human beings have needs, wants, and opinions. Being able to communicate all this to other people allows an effective communication process to exist .
  • Representative function: This type of communication is typical of the media, since what is intended is to report on a specific fact objectively.
  • Appellate function: When this function occurs, the sender usually draws the attention of the receiver to indicate that he must do something. It is typical of teachers when they influence students to do their homework.
  • Persuasive function: The objective of this function is to achieve something specific, to influence a person with the intention that they act in accordance with the interests of the individual who emits the message.
  • Social or contact function: One of the main functions of communication is to relate in an interpersonal way. Communication plays a fundamental role when it comes to meeting new friends, communicating at work and creating new ties between different individuals.
  • Poetic function: The aesthetic part of the message is the most prominent in this case. This function is usually applied to the advertising field and also to the literary one.
  • Metalinguistic function: It focuses on explaining the correct use of the language to put it into practice properly.

Example of functions in communication

A couple is going through a bad time due to the poor communication that exists between them. So they have decided to speak up and express their feelings and opinions about what is happening. In this case, we would speak of an expressive function with the aim of solving their problems and making them manifest.

A politician is conducting a speech as the elections are approaching and he wishes that he win to become the president of his country. His intention is to carry out a persuasive communication to convince the attendees of his benefits and good ideas so that they end up voting for him.

A teacher is correcting the exercises he sent home. You notice that some students have not completed the tasks you asked for in the previous class. He tells them that they must deliver the exercises as soon as possible in order to pass the course. Thus, it puts into practice an appealing communication.