Meaning of Dreams With Interpretation

When we have had a strange dream, who more and who less, has opened a dream interpretation book to help him unravel its meaning. Although some people think that dreams have no significance, Sigmund Freud argues that during sleep our unconscious is released, which can help us in moments of existential crisis or emotional problems to make decisions.

So that you can know what what you have dreamed of means, in this article, we present the meaning of dreams with the guidelines for their interpretation.

The meaning of dreams

Dreams are the activity of the mind while we sleep. But do dreams have meaning in real life? Do they have to do with reality? Many of the dreams we have have a reflection and connection with the reality of our life, that is, they are a response to the path we have made. For this reason, in many of your dreams there is a reflection of your own history, sometimes marked by the surrealism of your own reverie whose logic is not always governed by the coherence of the criteria of reality.

The mind is very complex. This is one of the reasons why we should not only try to live our life but also our dreams, without trying to make a millimeter analysis of every detail. Among other things, because just as with the passage of time, our memory distorts what we experienced, we do not remember dreams exactly as they were. In fact, at many times we completely ignore them.

Just as when we are awake and a certain evocation arises that reminds us of a part of the past, for example, when we visit a place where we find bits of our own history, in the same way, when you dream of your ex you can experience a certain nostalgia for the past of a totally natural way because mental images produce emotions. Even more so when they surprise us in an act as everyday as sleep, where the will does not intervene in the development of that dream.

The interpretation of dreams

We do not always remember what we have dreamed during the night, however, the reality is that these experiences of the unconscious also have a more important emotional effect than what it seems at first glance at certain times. Do you have to pay attention to dreams? Dreams can have a meaning for you depending on the interpretation that you give them.

For example, it can be special to dream of a relative who has died. It is like a way of being able to enjoy his living presence in a different way. On the other hand, it also happens in the opposite case that when having a nightmare, there is always a trace of bitter feeling on the mind. And the thing is, dreams are so unique that they do not leave you indifferent.

Dreams can even be an escape from a bitter reality just like a good book. A space to experience certain things in a different dimension. Without a doubt, there are many differences between a dream and a good book, and that is, what you dream of does not depend on your will. Perhaps for this reason, a beautiful dream is even more magical insofar as it surprises you without you realizing it.

Guidelines for dream interpretation

The meaning of dreams is not an exact science so knowledge is required to learn how to interpret them. The difficulty we have when working with dreams is that their content is symbolic and rarely explicit, which means that they must be interpreted to fully understand their meaning.

According to dream interpretation manuals, a series of guidelines are followed to interpret dreams in psychology:

  • Description as detailed as possible of the dream that has been had.
  • Generation of associations : through it, the person analyzing the dream associates it with all the ideas that come to mind, without censorship, until they have the feeling that the content of the dream has been revealed.

In psychological practice, the interpretation of dreams is used when the patient gives great importance to them or when a recurring nightmare occurs that generates a great impact on the patient's life. In order to interpret them, the first thing to do is remember them, since one of the great problems of dreams is that their details are forgotten when waking up.

For this we must, before going to sleep, mentally repeat that we are going to remember the dreams. When we wake up, we will stay in bed concentrating on the details of the dream, and then immediately write them down , whatever memory remains of them.

There are also therapies that allow you to change the course of dreams. For example, RISC therapy allows the patient to recognize that he is in the middle of a nightmare, to identify why he feels bad and to be able to change the argument of it within the dream.

The meaning of recurring dreams

Dreams are an interpretation that our brain makes both of our conscious world, that is, the reality that we live and that we face every day, and of our unconscious world, which includes our desires, manifested or not, fears, hopes, etc. There are a series of dreams that are common to all of us. Next we will see one by one the meaning of the most frequent dreams and how they can be interpreted based on their variables.

Dream of death

Although we usually interpret this dream as something negative, what our brain is expressing is a desire for change , especially when we dream of death itself. In this case, we want to change some area of our life because we are not satisfied with it. A dream that is common to 48% of us.

Dream that you fall

Freefalling into the abyss is such an anguishing dream that it often startles us to the point of waking up, and we can even notice how our body jumps to avoid the fall. It is a dream that usually occurs when we are sleeping and, according to experts, is related to the relaxation that occurs in our muscles before entering the deep phase of sleep ( REM phase ). It seems to be a resource that our brain developed when we lived in the wild to return to consciousness if danger threatened.

Dream about snakes

According to the theories of dream interpretation, dreaming of snakes or other elongated elements can be related to a repressed or satisfied sexual impulse . There are different types of snakes and the actions and emotions that appear in the dream must also be taken into account in order to make a more accurate interpretation.

Dreaming that you are pregnant

Another of the most dreamed of events is pregnancy. The interpretation of dreaming about pregnancy will depend on many factors addressed in an article dedicated to it: here you will find everything about the meaning of dreaming that you are pregnant . But, broadly speaking, dreaming of your own pregnancy can be related to the desire to be a mother or the desire to make big changes in your life, achieve new goals or start new projects.

Dreaming that your teeth are falling out

One of the most frequent dreams. Dreaming that your teeth are falling out is related to insecurity, fragility , fears and concerns. However, its interpretation may vary depending on the circumstances of the dream. Depending on whether it is a top tooth, a fang, or even all teeth.

Dream about cats

In general, the meaning of dreams about cats is related to intuition and trust. However, it is not the same to dream of black cats as it is to dream of white cats, baby cats or cats that attack you.

Dream about your ex boyfriend / girlfriend

The importance of the meaning of dreams is conditioned by one's own subjectivity. That is to say, while when a person dreams of his ex, he remains pensive about what this information can mean, on the contrary, many others do not give a greater significance than the anecdotal of the situation. That is, it is a mistake to believe by way of cause and effect that because a person has dreamed of his ex, he is still in love. In many cases, this may be due to specific circumstances that have caused the memory of that person to arise for some reason. For example, the coincidence of a chance meeting on the street.

Dreaming about your ex can mean, in a way, that you keep a good memory of that stage. Or even, that you are healing the wound of heartbreak, especially if you wake up to experience tranquility. Dreaming of your ex can even be a symptom of a personal change , that is, you should not necessarily interpret that you are still linked to yesterday. In fact, it sometimes happens that when a person is about to take an important step in his life, for example, about to live a new love, a certain memory of the past arises because it is the reference for that present.

On the other hand, we should not analyze the meaning of a dream in absolute terms either. For example, that you dream of your ex and that you wake up with a feeling of nostalgia does not have to mean that you are still in love, but perhaps there is a part of you that misses that feeling of feeling desired as in that moment or that experience of youth of that stage.

What truly determines the meaning of dreaming about your ex is not so much this reverie in itself as the frequency with which this fact occurs and even more important, the type of emotions you experience when you wake up. That is, do not only interpret the meaning of the dream in its isolated entity, but you can put it in connection with your own life. For example, a person who is still in love with his ex can suffer a lot if he experiences these types of dreams in a habitual way and upon waking up, he becomes aware of the mirage of those dreams and suffers because that is when the longing springs up.

Meaning of recurring dreams

Surely you have had a dream that repeats itself over and over again . Sometimes it is a dream in which all the details are familiar to you, the events and the places where they happen are identical and the sequence of the same as well. On other occasions, although the scenarios are not the same, there is an event or an experience that is repeated in the dream, in a thousand ways, but that is familiar to us over and over again.

Why do dreams repeat themselves?

The frequency with which it is repeated can vary. Sometimes we dream them daily, at other times a few times a week, a month, etc. Whatever their periodicity, the theme is repeated over and over again. Sometimes these dreams are positive and make us feel good, but most of the time the recurring dreams are nightmares. When they are very recurrent or unpleasant, they can even cause insomnia, because you are afraid of falling asleep and having the dream again, especially when the experiences we have in it are very vivid.

Normally these dreams respond to a conflict that we have not solved , a fear or a situation that we do not know how to handle. The recurrence of the dream is due to the fact that our unconscious wants us to pay attention to that conflict in order to solve it, surely because it is limiting us in our daily life, or is causing us extra suffering.

What does it mean?

To know what the dream is telling us, the first thing we must remember is that our unconscious communicates with symbols, and the conflict may not be with those who appear in the dream or in the place where it takes place. We must concentrate on the symbols and not on the emotions and we must try to interpret them without thinking too much, that is, rescuing the intuitive interpretation of dreams. Once we discover the meaning, the dream will disappear.

Do we dream in color or in black and white?

If most of us have difficulty remembering what we dreamed when we were awakened, it would surely be even more difficult for us to answer if we were asked if what we dreamed was in black and white or in color. Even when images are very vivid in memory, we cannot answer with any confidence, so we can wonder if we usually dream in black and white or in color.

When in the mid-twenties Freud asked his patients if they dreamed in color or black and white, they opted for the second option, which was, at least, curious, since the most common thing is to dream in color, but not forever.

If we dream in colors, the dream can occur either in a single color or with the same colors that objects have in reality. According to the researchers, the choice of colors that our brain makes while we dream is not fortuitous, since they also have a large symbolic component when they appear in dreams, often related to the emotional state that we experience during sleep. Therefore, they can be an additional help when we interpret them.

  • Blue . If we dream of blue objects, this symbolizes that we feel calm, serene and happy.
  • Amarillo . Dreaming of yellow objects transmits to us that we trust ourselves and our possibilities, although we are aware of the obstacles that may lie along the way.
  • White . If we dream in white it indicates that we are trustworthy, while we feel full of energy.
  • Gray . If, on the other hand, our dreams turn gray, it indicates that we are in a period of change and transition. If the gray is dark, it indicates that we feel scared by the consequences of this change.
  • Black . Dreaming in black can change the meaning of dreams and indicate that we are immersed in a period of conflict with family and friends.