What Does It Mean to Dreaming of Dead Rats?

Dreams about rats can have various meanings depending on the context and details of the dream. Dreaming of dead rats can have different interpretations based on the context of the dream and your personal associations with rats.  Dreaming of Dead Rats Meaning Here are some possible meanings: Symbolic o… Continue to read

What Does It Mean to Dream About Food

Food is part of our life. That is why dreaming about food should not be anything strange. We use the food for family reunions, reunions with friends or work meetings. But what does it mean to dream about food? What do our dreams want to tell us when we dream of a plate of food? The meanings of dream… Continue to read

What Does It Mean to Dream of Lions

Have you dreamed of a pride of lions and can't find the meaning? Despite what it seems, dreaming of lions is not so strange. There are many people who find this animal in their dreams and then do not know how to decipher the meaning. So if you have dreamed of a lion and you don't know what … Continue to read

What Does It Mean to Dream of Fish

Have you been dreaming about fish for a while and you don't know what the meaning could be? In the dream dictionary, dreaming of fish has a very special meaning. These animals symbolize wealth, energy and well-being, as well as freedom, since they are animals that are always on the move. Fish ar… Continue to read

What Does It Mean to Dream of Dead

Have you dreamed of the dead? You should not worry, death means transformation and changes. Dreams are messages from our unconscious part about thoughts or emotions that alter us on a day-to-day basis. Freud studied the interpretation of dreams as an introspection tool, to reflect on what we dream … Continue to read

What Does It Mean to Dream of Cockroaches

Have you dreamed of cockroaches? Dreams, as Sigmund Freud explained, speak for our unconscious. It should be noted that the meaning of dreams is not an exact science and depends on each person. However, many times these meanings are adapted to the circumstances that concern us or that keep our mind… Continue to read

What Does It Mean to Dream That You Are Getting Married

Getting married is the dream of many people, it is also the success and self-realization aspired by many, so much so that it can manifest itself freely and literally in the dreams of these people. But our aspirations are often based on as many experiences, whether in our childhood or in the life in… Continue to read

What Does It Mean to Dream That Someone Dies

Death dreams are the ones that generally produce the most anguish in people, because apart from being associated with cultural concepts of omens, they are also linked and covered with our moral part. Death scares us so much that in dreams they can even wake us up and thus end our cycle of rest and … Continue to read

What Does It Mean to Dream That You Kill Someone?

Not all dreams are interpretable within the framework of a psychoanalytic session, sometimes, there is not enough material, enough associations; And sometimes, the interpretations can come a long time later. When one asks the patient for associations, one must not believe in everything that comes f… Continue to read

What Does It Mean to Dream That You Are Robbed

Dream interpretation is an interesting method that allows you to get to know yourself better and reflect on the situation you are experiencing. It should be mentioned that it is not a scientific technique, however, there is a lot of literature on the subject. If you have had a dream related to robbe… Continue to read

What Does It Mean to Dream of Worms?

The meaning of dreams helps to interpret the images that appear while we dream. Dream interpretation can help us to know and understand ourselves better. The most accurate analysis of dreams is the one that considers the context and personal experiences of the dreamer, relating images such as worms… Continue to read

Meaning of Dreaming About Spiders

Interpreting dreams is very useful, as it allows us to understand and know ourselves better. The interpretation of dreams depends on what appears in the dream, the problem that arose, what happens and how it makes us feel. Each dream is unique, therefore, each interpretation will be personal. Howev… Continue to read

Meaning of Dreaming About Money

According to Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, dreams allow information from the unconscious to be known. The meaning of dreams is related to our most intimate desires, which are not clear due to the pressure exerted by social norms. Dreaming of money is associated with well-being, healt… Continue to read

What Does It Mean to Dream That You Fly

Have you ever been in a dream where, by magic, your body lifted off the ground and you started to fly? Do you want to know what it means to dream that you are flying according to your subconscious ? The meaning of dreams can vary depending on the person and the feelings that dreams generate. Howeve… Continue to read