How Many Times Is It Normal to Make Love in a Marriage?

It is very common for one or even both members of the couple to worry about their sexual performance and due to the beliefs they have and the stories they hear about other people's, this leads to a certain fear of not having a life as a couple healthy.

How many times does a normal couple make love? There are many people who, even because of their very concern that they are not having a healthy sexual life with their partner, come to talk too much, exaggerate or invent things about her. For example, people or couples who tell others that they spend their time having sex every day or talk all the time about how satisfied they are on that subject with their partner, etc. This can cause other people to have doubts about their own sexual life and their stability as a couple. That is why in this psychology article: how many times is it normal to make love in a marriage, we are going to explain in detail everything you need to know about this topic.

Frequency of sexuality in marriage

There is really no specific criterion that tells you if you are within a "normal" range in terms of the frequency in which you have sex with your partner, that is highly subjective. That is to say, by not having more or less sexual relations a week or a month, a couple can be destined to be happy or to have a more stable relationship than others. Each couple is different and there is no criterion that determines how many relationships must be had in a certain time.

How many times does a normal couple make love?

The reality is that the number of sexual relationships by itself is not so important as to define whether you are having a healthy and stable relationship or not, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in the relationship , regardless of how often you maintain sexual relations with your partner are happy and satisfied in it. There are couples who have sex very frequently and in the sexual sphere is where they understand each other best, there are also others who have one or two sexual relations a month but nevertheless have a more stable relationship or the other way around.

So you can be calm if you are having sex every day or very frequently but you can also be calm if you have them very sporadically since both attitudes are considered normal behavior.

How to improve your sex life in marriage

If, despite knowing this, you do not feel comfortable in your relationship, specifically in the sexual area since you consider that they have entered too monotony, they have neglected that part of the relationship, etc. And you would like to do something to improve your sexual life as a couple, here are some tips that can be very useful to achieve it.

  • Expand communication. It is necessary to improve communication in the couple and that both can express mutually what they think and the way they feel. In this case, if you are feeling that it is necessary to start doing something to improve your sexual life, the first thing you have to do is communicate it to your partner. This should be done in the most assertive and sincere way possible, avoiding claims and entering into discussions, simply expressing your desire and interest in improving that aspect in which both would benefit.
  • Get out of the monotony. It is very important that both of you put aside the monotony and start doing different things. To do this, you can take the initiative and propose to your partner, for example, to have sexual encounters in places other than the ones they are used to, practice new sexual positions, surprise the couple doing things they like, etc.
  • Change the schedules. If all the time they have relationships they do it on the same days, at the same time, it is time to put a stop to the situation and dare to have relationships at different and unexpected times.

Tips to increase passion in marriage

Here are some tips if you consider that there is a lack of passion in the couple :

  • Erotic toys. Today there are a large number of erotic toys that you can easily access either by going in person to one of the so-called "sex shops" or you can even buy these types of toys online. Doing so, with the consent of your partner, and daring to try to do different things, can certainly turn your relationship around.
  • Talk about sex with your partner. Let your partner know what you like, what part of sex you enjoy the most, what are your sexual fantasies that you can carry out together, what you like him to do the most, etc. As well as ask your partner to tell you about what she likes.
  • Wow factor. When having the first encounters with the couple, the surprise factor is something that increases sexual arousal due to the uncertainty that the next encounter represents. Over time and the years of marriage it is normal for it to gradually lose, however you can always do something to relive those moments of uncertainty and begin to be more spontaneous to increase sexual desire.

This article is merely informative, we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.