How to Have a Girlfriend if I'm Shy

Shyness is not a defect, but a personal characteristic. Yes, it can happen that a person has a high degree of shyness that negatively affects him in important decisions in his life. For example, a person may feel that his shyness closes doors in the field of social relationships and seduction. How … Continue to read

How Many Times Is It Normal to Make Love in a Marriage?

It is very common for one or even both members of the couple to worry about their sexual performance and due to the beliefs they have and the stories they hear about other people's, this leads to a certain fear of not having a life as a couple healthy. How many times does a normal couple make lo… Continue to read

How to Know if Your Partner Is Lying to You

Communication is key to trust in a relationship. A trust that is established through respect and that, on the contrary, can sometimes be broken by the effects of an important lie. That is, a gesture of this type, sometimes, can break the trust consolidated so far, for example, an infidelity. Howeve… Continue to read

Partner Codependency: Definition, Symptoms and Treatment

The only person who can constantly accompany you on this journey of life is yourself. Social relationships are also very important as a source of happiness. In the realm of the couple, specifically, a lover can position himself in his bond with the other from the freedom of mutual correspondence or… Continue to read

How to Make a Difficult Man Fall in Love

When you fall in love with a person, your desire is to experience the illusion of reciprocated love. However, each person is unique and unrepeatable, not only based on their essence but also on their circumstances. This means that the reality of a human being can temporarily change from the life st… Continue to read

How to Tell Someone You Like Him

Sometimes the simple attraction for a person can lead to a strong feeling of love. When that happens, it is important to take action and decide what to do about it. When we spend a lot of time with someone, it can be inevitable to confess our feelings for him or her. However, how do you tell someon… Continue to read

How to Know if My Friend Likes Me

We all like to know what others think about us, especially if they are important people in our lives. Normally, when we want to know what a close person thinks about ourselves, we ask them directly but there are times when this can be more uncomfortable and complicated, such as in this case, when w… Continue to read

Gaslighting or Gas Light According to Psychology

You are crazy", "You are too sensitive", "They are your imaginations" ... These phrases are part of a pattern of psychological abuse known as gaslighting or gaslighting . This type of abuse is characterized by manipulating a person to the point where the victim questions th… Continue to read

I Have Fallen Out of Love With My Partner: What Do I Do?

The decision to make in a process of falling out of love is always personal. However, this situation should be viewed as a matter of two. Your falling out of love not only affects you, but also your partner. It is not about making a decision in one day, but neither does this change in feelings occu… Continue to read

My Ex Looks for Me but Doesn't Want to Come Back: What Do I Do?

One of the most complicated situations that people can go through in our lives is a love break, obviously this also depends on the type of relationship that has been established with the person, among other factors. Above all, in the vast majority of cases, the person who is rejected by the other i… Continue to read

Types of Abusers and Their Characteristics

One of the most difficult and painful situations that a person can go through is suffering constant abuse, whether physical or psychological. Unfortunately, despite the progress that we are making in society in terms of gender equality, there are still a large number of cases of gender violence , w… Continue to read

Why Does My Ex Hate Me

It is very painful to know that a person whom you have loved and with whom you have shared many moments with him, has come to develop a feeling as deep as hatred for you. . But what can make your ex hate you? There are different reasons why a person may harbor a feeling such as hatred after they ha… Continue to read

What to Do When a Man Doesn't Know What He Wants

When you start a relationship with a person, it is not only important that you take into account what your expectations are regarding this story. A happy relationship is led by two people who have a common project. However, when you get emotionally involved with a man who does not know what he want… Continue to read

My Relationship Is No Longer Working: What Do I Do?

The relationship you have with your partner is extremely important in the life of every person who has one, since the partner is the one with whom you normally live most of the time, especially if you live with her and the relationship does not. It is only a couple but also has a friend, confidant … Continue to read

How to Leave Your Partner Loving Her

Most couples who separate do so loving each other, and it is that to achieve well-being and stability in a relationship, love is not enough. To resolve conflicts in a relationship, we need resolution skills and strategies, learning to balance differences, patience, among other skills. If you are in … Continue to read