Amazing Facts About Buy an Old Car

The development of the times of the world made a lot of car products with the latest technology appearing on the market. Even now supported by a cool structure and certainly will really attract consumer interest in the market.

But even so it does not mean that the interest in old cars is decreasing, even the most economical sedan cars of the 90s are still widely hunted today. Old cars get an antique and limited impression which makes it a special attraction. Moreover in buying an old car, of course you have to be extra careful, so you don't buy it later. Well, here are some ways to buy an old, cheap and safe used car that you can do.

1. Watch Your Budget
Tips on buying a used car that must first be implemented is to pay attention to the budget you have. Try to conduct research on information about the selling prices of old cars currently on the market. and after that compare with the financial situation you have. Are the cars that you seek uniform with your financial pre-requisites? The tips are prepare a budget that is truly realistic and in accordance with the market. Be consistent with the budget that you have made before. if actually haven't found a suitable price, then you should postpone the decision to buy an old car. but if you really find a suitable price, then you can continue.

2. Check the Car Body qualifications
After you find an old car that is stubborn along with the economical kind you want, then go to the car sales place. First check the state of the car body. Find out about the history of the car, have you had an accident or a collision. This really matters when you choose to buy an old used car. Try to buy an old car with good car body qualifications. Many people assume if buying a car with a good engine condition even though the body is not good will save more.

but really this statement is wrong, it will be more effective if you buy an old car that has a body still really smooth, without defects, even the original exterior and inside even though the engine atmosphere is not good. Try to pay attention to the car parts, whether there are scratches, dents, rust, or even still smooth. The physical parts of this car absolutely must not go unnoticed.

Check in detail every part of the car body, including the car ceiling. The car ceiling is still good, pre-requisites which are still quite thick. This is because the role of the ceiling used to protect the temperature of the air available in the cabin of the car, especially when the qualification of the weather is hot. Then continue on the car tire, if the tire qualifications really are running low then maybe you have to replace it. Do not forget also at the bottom of the car, lights, along with others, do not escape your attention. and the most useful is to examine carefully the parts of the engine frame and car foot components.

3. Turn on the Vehicle Engine
After that ask to start the old car engine. After that, pay attention to the sounds produced by the engine or other sounds that appear when the car is started. Listen and observe carefully. Check the exhaust section, whether it is still in the normal pre-condition or not. Check the soot available in the exhaust by using your finger. Make sure if the soot is still in the pre-dry condition.

See the smoke produced, through the exhaust fumes, you can read whether there is a problem or not on the fuel cylinder, piston ring, or there is a leak during the combustion process. Do not forget to check any features available in the car, whether it is still running normally or not, for example, some kind of car headlights and car horn.

4. Check all completeness documents
Tips on buying another old used car that must be concreted is by checking all the car completeness documents. if you really have deak with the car, then don't forget to check the complete documents and others. Match the number listed with the vehicle registration with the number printed on the body along with the car engine. if really suitable, then the car is safe for you to buy. but if it is not suitable, then it would be better not to buy the car even if the condition of the car is still good. This will be really risky in the future.

Buying an old used car is really a bit of a hassle, so you should have to be patient and check carefully. So you can get the old car you want at a price that is certainly in accordance with your pre-requisites.

If you really don't know much about car parts, it would be better if you bought an old used car in a car sales area that was already truly trusted. So as to minimize if risks arise that can harm you going forward. Now that was a number of ways to buy an old car that is safe and of course can prevent you from the risk of buying an old car that is not right. Hopefully the above information can be useful for you.

Tips Precise Checking Old Car Engine Conditions

In general, the concern of ordinary people who want to buy a old car is that they lack understanding about car engines. When buying a old car in a showroom, many people also only emphasize the appearance of a neat and shiny, even though the condition of the engine is one of the most important things to consider when buying a old car. Then how do you know the condition of a old car engine? Follow how to check the following old car engines from us:

#1: Engine Room
Open the hood and check around the engine room if there is paint that looks relatively new compared to the others, there will be seen later if the engine room has been painted. The engine room that has been painted is an indication that the engine has been lowered. The cause can be various kinds, such as because of a collision or because the car was hit by flooding and so on.

#2: Engine Condition
Make sure there are no oil or fuel leaks, and also pay attention to the engine's physical condition. A car that is maintained is a car that is free from leaks in the engine or hoses.

Examples of Engine Leaks:
How to find out quite easily, observe one by one car engine parts and make sure there is no oil seepage or other liquids. Also pay attention to bolts and nuts. If there are new bolts or bolts with defective edges, ask the trader or owner who sold them. Usually naughty traders will try to cover up this damage by washing the car engine so that it is not visible if there is oil that seeps.

#3: Car Starter
Make sure the sound of the car's engine is still smooth and constant when the engine is stationary or when it is turned on without the beat of the gas and the audio and AC devices are deactivated.

Cars that are healthy or well maintained when starting up from a cold state of constant constant ignition and do not falter. If it is stuck, it is possible that the car battery is problematic or the car is rarely serviced regularly so that there is dirt that clogs engine performance.

#4: Indicators & SpeedoMeter
When starting the engine, pay attention to whether each indicator light is on. Many engine condition indicator lights on the dashboard such as oil and temperature, make sure nothing lights up. Try the gas slowly, then release and watch for the RPM needle to drop. Make sure the RPM needle is steady up and down. If it is unstable, it means the engine has a problem.

#5: Engine Sound
Pay attention to the engine sound when the engine is first started from the cold engine state. Listen for unnatural noise coming out of the engine. Examples of sounds that can be categorized as unnatural are: the sound of scraping iron plates, the sound of knocks from inside the engine when gassed.

#6: Engine Vibration
Open the hood, pay attention to whether there are vibrations that are unnatural or not in rhythm. If yes, the engine can be said to be "limping", which can occur due to engine mounting problems or even a stagnant electrical system.

#7: Exhaust Gas (Muffler)
Look at the tip of the muffler, pay attention to what car exhaust gas is unnatural out of the muffler. Signs or the results of combustion in the engine that is on the exhaust tip provides a fairly accurate clue about the condition of the car. Example:
1. Black exhaust fumes - Indications of incomplete fuel combustion.
2. White exhaust pipe - Indications that there is an oil mixture in the engine combustion chamber.
3. Water droplets on the exhaust is a natural thing and is a sign that the engine is still good.

#8: Test Drive
It is recommended not to rush when doing a test drive, many problems occur when the engine is overheated and is used for longer trips. At the test drive things that must be considered include engine performance, transmission shift comfort and brake performance.

In addition to checking and ensuring the condition of the engine, you also need to ensure other car parts such as the body, interior and legs. You certainly don't want to buy a car with a good engine, but when it rains, water seeps through the window because the glass has been replaced due to a collision car.

Common Mistakes When Buying a Old Car

There are also many used cars with good quality and even look like a new kind. You only have to be observant before buying. Avoid 5 common mistakes that people often make when buying a used car and get a quality used car at a low price.

1. Don't Ask about Car History
When buying a used car, there are many things you need to examine, one of which is about the history of the car. Ask in detail about this. understand the history of the car that is important to stem losses that may arise in the future.

We recommend that you do not buy a used car that was once a big collision, flooded, and the odometer can be reset. These three things will affect the performance of the engine that might not be felt in the near future. Also, ask whether the used car is a rental car or a confiscated leasing company. It also must be asked to ward off the risk of loss to yourself.

2. Don't know the question of the machine
The thing that must also be observed when buying a used car is the atmosphere of the engine. When buying a used car, you need to prioritize checking the atmosphere of the engine, because if the engine is bad, then there is no point in you buying the car right? Well, the dilemma is that not everyone understands the engine, so what you must do is to invite friends or other people you trust and know about car engines well. That way, you don't need to hesitate anymore in determining whether the car is in a good atmosphere or not.

You have to sort out that each component of the engine is original, or at least it still seems to function properly. Suppose you feel that the car's engine is bad, so you shouldn't buy it.

3. Do not Check Vehicle Service Records.
Maybe you already know that a car that is regularly serviced and diligently cared for has a good performance. there is only one way to understand it, namely by checking the car service records of the car owner. generally every time you perform a service, the workshop will write down a service record periodically along with any components that have been replaced so that you can be simpler in assessing the performance of the used car.

For your safety and comfort, it's better to choose a car that regularly carries out original service and components. That way, the situation of the car is still good and stronger.

4. Hurry When Test Drive
After checking the car's engine situation and looking at the vehicle's service record, it does not mean that the car will function properly. Therefore, you need to do a test drive or test it on the road. By carrying out a test drive, you will understand how the machine's performance really is. Pay attention to the engine sound, the vibration of the engine, along with the smoke in the car's exhaust.

When working on a test drive, you must carry it out carefully, do not rush to judge because the actual atmosphere of the machine can only be observed after it takes a while or taken a number of distant paths. Maybe you will be judged as a fussy buyer, but that's better than you regret later.

5. Not Comparing First
Before you drop which alternative used car you are going to buy, you should refrain for a moment to make a comparison with the others. Fortunately, the internet is available, so you no longer have to bother to implement it. You only have to check online for price, model, year of production, and year of use. That way, you can get the most harmony with your financial and will. Anyway, don't sort out too quickly if you don't want to regret it.

Hold Yourself So As Not To Regret
When you want to buy a used car, you need to be patient and don't be too hasty, because this will encourage you to carry out the 5 usual mistakes above along with you will regret later. Therefore, hold yourself from the desire to immediately make a decision so as not to regret when you have bought it.