Using Aluminum-Plastic Panel to Decorate New House

Decoration consists of a variety of construction materials. For those just starting to touch the decor, they can be mistaken for many materials. After all, some of the building materials have similar names. If you don't pay attention, it's easy to mistake it. There are many types of decorative plates, and today Alusign mainly introduces some knowledge about aluminum and plastic panel.

Aluminum and Plastic Panel is an abbreviation for Aluminum and Plastic Composite Panel. It is divided into three layers. The top and bottom layers are all aluminum layers, and the middle layer is plastic. There is also a coating or film on the surface of the aluminum plate, which plays a role in decoration and protection.

Aluminum and plastic panels have many advantages over other panels. It adapts to climate change and is strong and durable. The aluminum-plastic composite panel is easy to operate and convenient to build, and can greatly shorten the construction period. They have good processing properties, are easy to handle, and have good thermal insulation, fire insulation, and sound insulation. The aluminum and plastic panel is very flat, although it is very light, but it is very strong and can effectively relieve the impact. Also, the aluminum and plastic panel has more colors and can satisfy the decoration requirements of different people.

So how can we choose a good aluminum and plastic panel?
  1. Look at the surface of the aluminum-plastic panel. The surface of a good aluminum and plastic panel is smooth and smooth, with no bumps, scratches, stains and rust. Using a ruler to measure the thickness of aluminum and plastic panel, China has strict requirements on the specifications of composite aluminum panel.
  2. Bend a corner of the aluminum and plastic panel to see the strength of the aluminum and plastic panel. If it breaks easily, it means that this is not really a good aluminum plastic material.
  3. Burn the aluminum-plastic panel with fire. The intermediate material of the aluminum foil and plastic should be easy to light and burn completely. If there are impurities in the middle layer after burning, there is a problem in the middle plastic layer.
  4. In the material selection process, ask the dealer for a quality guarantee, a qualification certificate, etc. Those who can present relevant certificates can generally trust.