Everything You Need to Know About How to Clean a Keurig

The Keurig coffee maker offers gourmet coffee in less than a minute. However, you will want to keep your coffee machine clean inside and out. Depending on where you live and the mineral content of the water, calcium deposits and stairs may soil the interior of the machine, thus affecting the taste of coffee. Clean well its Keurig coffee to every three to six months.

How often should you clean your Keurig?

Your Keurig's appearance should be cleaned about once a week, or really when necessary. The drop tray can only hold eight ounces, so you will have to empty it from time to time.

Weekly cleaning of the water tank and capsule holder is recommended, but descaling or removing mineral deposits can be done less frequently - every three to six months. The descaling indicator usually lights up, but you can probably tell when the time is right, as the brewing process may slow down and your cup may not fill completely. Replace your filter every two months or so.

How to clean Keurig parts

  • Turn the machine off and on and let it cool.
  • Raise the lever to disassemble the K-Cup holder and funnel, and wash both parts in the sink or on the top shelf of the dishwasher during a low temperature cycle.
  • While you are on it, release any potential blockages from the “input needle” (the one that pierces the capsule), as well as the “exit needle” under the capsule holder, using a clean paperclip like this one. (But be careful - these things are sharp!)
  • Remove the water tank and lid and wash them with soapy water in the sink, not in the dishwasher. Be sure to rinse and rinse the filter thoroughly with a faucet hose or shake the tank to create a stronger stream of water.
Remarks: When you are finished, do not dry the towel inside, as you may leave some lint.

How to descale Keurig

  • Empty the water tank and, if applicable, the filter.
  • Turn off.
  • Fill the reservoir with a bottle of Keirig descaling solution plus water or 10 ounces of white vinegar.
  • Place a large ceramic mug (not paper!) Under the spout and (without adding a K-cup), press this button for your favorite drink.
  • Empty the contents of the cup, then refill the tank with 10 ounces of water only and repeat, leaving Keurig to sit for 30 minutes after completion.
  • Remove and rinse the tank, fill it with water to a full line and repeat the brewing cycles until all the water has disappeared.
Remarks: Any questions? Refer to your manual book.