Carpet Cleaning Rental Bartlesville OK

Home textiles, which include carpets, upholstery and curtains, require regular care. During daily cleaning, part of the dust is removed from their surfaces, however, a significant proportion of the contamination remains inside the product.

Gradually, dust accumulates, turns into more dense deposits, changing the color of the carpet, affecting its fluffiness. In addition, do not forget about spots that inevitably appear during operation and invariably spoil the appearance of the product.

In this case, only professional cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture can help. Dry cleaning of carpetscan be produced both at home and in the laundry. The second option is preferable, as it allows you to achieve a better result in a shorter period of time. However, it is fraught with difficulties associated with the transportation of the carpet.

In addition, in some cases, for example, when it is necessary to clean the carpet, it is completely unacceptable. On-site dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture begins with a thorough inspection of the dry cleaning facility and the diagnosis of pollution.

Depending on the results of the inspection, the specialist chooses a dry cleaning method. In the event that there are visible dirt on the carpet, a preliminary cleaning is required.

It consists in processing the most polluted places with a special solution, which is left on the carpet for 15 minutes. After that, they start mechanical cleaning, which is carried out using special washing machines.

A solution of water with a cleaning agent supplied under high pressure is evenly distributed over the surface of the carpet and is immediately removed with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

This method makes it possible to almost instantly remove dirt without wetting the surface of the carpet. Unfortunately, mechanical cleaning, in spite of all its effectiveness, is not suitable for handmade carpets and delicate care products.

In some cases, not only carpet cleaning is requiredand upholstered furniture, but also the elimination of the unpleasant odor that may appear after smoking in the room or because of the not very “neat” behavior of the pet. In this case, the best solution is to clean the textiles with a steam generator. It not only eliminates unpleasant odors, but also helps to cope with general pollution and refresh the brightness of colors.