Carpet Cleaning Rental Belfast

Laminate flooring is gaining popularity, but almost every home still have carpets or rugs and they require some care, since this detail of the interior is contaminated most often.

Carpets are trampled down; tea, coffee, juice or sweet water are often spilled on them, dust settles. In addition to regular surface cleaning of carpets with a vacuum cleaner or a knocker, at least twice a year it is necessary to provide this matter to professionals from cleaning companies.

Deep cleaning will help to eliminate unpleasant odors, preserve carpet color and remove even old stains. Thanks to this, the air in the apartment will be cleanedwhich, due to the dust on the numerous fibers of the carpet, becomes heavy. And this does not bring any health benefits.

Professional carpet cleaning is a rather demanded service, and in every city there are many cleaning companies. Specialists will come to the house to assess the coverage area and the degree of its pollution - the price will depend on this. Cleaning can be carried out both at home and in a special workshop.

The only difference is that the second option is much more effective, in the workshop the carpet is cleared deeper. Specialists themselves will pick up your carpets, and after cleaning, they will be delivered back to you at a convenient time. View price listit is possible by phone or on the website of the carpet cleaning company.

Cleaning methods, chemical solutions and their concentration are selected by the technologist individually for each carpet after a thorough inspection.

For dry cleaning, high-quality environmentally friendly products and the latest technologies are used, including hydro-jet extraction and immersion in bathtubs with special solutions.

Dry cleaning of carpets is usually carried out in several stages, which may vary slightly depending on the cleaning company. Typically, dry cleaning is as follows:
  • thorough inspection of the carpet and the choice of cleaning method;
  • applying chemical composition;
  • rubbing stubborn stains by hand;
  • removal of chemical composition and dirt with clean water;
  • drying.

It very rarely happens that the cleaning needs to be repeated again - when after many years of use the carpet is cleaned for the first time, and the stains on it are long-standing and persistent.

Professional cleaning will return former freshness even to old carpets, and also will extend the term of use.