How to answer the classic question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Exciting is the day when they call you to arrange an interview until they ask you the following question: where do you see yourself in 5 years? You are not entirely clear what you will do tomorrow, so in five years, even less. It is one of the classic questions where many candidates fall and do not see them again. Doubts exist, but you have to camouflage them inside a convincing speech and showing a certainty that you do not even think you have. But you have it.

If you DO NOT want to be hired

When the interviewer asks you this question, a million answers will go through your head but none is right.

First, you will want to answer: "ascending", "in a great position", "working for me", "outside of my current company", "taking advantage of a much better opportunity anywhere in the world" ... You are free to think what You want, but you better not say out loud like this because they will not make you start on Monday, Tuesday or next month ... No shows commitment, and that's precisely what they want.

For whatever period of time, they want committed employees who believe in what they do and contribute instead of having them set aside.

If you want to be hired

There is no precise formula, the decision of the recruiter will also depend on your social skills and if what you put on your CV is true. But we have good news.

To answer this question, it is best to stop, analyze the question, and be honest while keeping your feet on the ground.

Think wisely. Life is unpredictable and even the one who asks you knows where he will find himself in five years, so the ideal is to answer by relating the objectives and ambitions in such a way that the interviewer has no reason to worry during your time in the company. 

Focus your response on realistic expectations of what your career might offer in the future and reflect on whether the job you are applying for follows the same line as your career and professional goals.

A general example of response could be:
"I am really excited about the position of consultant in your company because in five years, I am sure that I will have a much deeper and broader knowledge about this sector and I know that it is something that only I could achieve through my experience with you. In the coming years, I would like to take, little by little, greater responsibilities and, why not? Direct even some projects. If I am lucky enough to work with the best, I am sure that I can become one of them later on. And that's what really motivates me and I feel like it."

This would be the best case in which the company loves you, the position you like and want to join now. What happens if that particular position is not the perfect starting point to achieve your professional aspirations?

Nothing happens if you let yourself be led by sincerity and declare that you do not know where you imagine yourself or what the future really will bring. But do not forget that the experience will help you discover it.