Returning to our section of answers to questions in job interviews, today we will see how to adequately answer a very common question in the interviews: Why do you want to work in our company? It's a manual question, so almost certainly, it probably appears if you have an interview.

Take this opportunity to remember that we can play with many factors in a job interview beyond the answer, so a response can be more or less valid depending on the climate we have created before.

Before proceeding to the answers that a recruiter expects a priori, we are going to ask ourselves if it compensates to be totally honest or not. And I explain.

How did I respond successfully to this question in a job interview?

It is often said that a job interview is a conversation between two liars. The candidate will try to make believe that he is the best, and the recruiter will avoid telling all the negative things that exist in the company and in the position in question. In the middle is that interview with questions that in many cases even the interviewer does not know how to take advantage of it.

I have never liked this paraphernalia that is mounted in an interview but personally, the truth is that I have never been wrong to overcome a job interview. And I have done it with absolute sincerity, but always insinuating that I know how they expect me to respond.

The first time I came across this question, it was at a time when he closed the company for which he worked as team leader in sales and had left us to pay the last payroll, so I was urged to find a job quickly or could hardly pay the rent within two months.

So I gave CV to any company that had a sales position or commercial manager. We are talking about a time in which work was not searched online (because there was still no internet as such).

Then the interviewer asked me: Why do you want to work in our company?

On the basis that his company was not Berkshire Hathaway or Coca Cola. In fact, it was an unknown company, the question already did not make sense, but good. My answer, practically literally, was:

"Well, if I'm honest, I've taken a CV in practically all the companies that are looking for salespeople or sales managers, because what I want is to work in sales. While the company is formal and is sales, which is what I dominate, I do not mind working here or with your competition. Now, if you are happy with me and me with you, we can have a relationship of 100 years. Hopefully it will be like that. It would be a good sign. "


And this seems a simple answer, but beware, that in a good environment created before, is a powerful response that says a lot:
  • You have an absolutely sincere person in front of you.
  • You look for a seller and here you have a salesman who does not mind selling anything.
  • My resume is in many companies, and that spark that has been turned on you, recruiter, to hear me, it is very likely to turn on another interviewer. Will you let me escape?

How does the interviewer expect you to respond?

When this question is asked, the interviewers try to find the candidate to agree with the values and principles of the company. They even try to see the degree of interest you have put in getting to know the company.

If it is a company that already has a certain name and prestige, or an innovative product or service that can change lives, and in fact you feel that way, yes you can answer openly:

"Since I met them, I've wanted to work here because I believe they do a fundamental job, and I want to be part of the team to develop myself as a professional in this company. For me it would be a real honor. "

Now, if you are applying for a job as a shop assistant in McDonalds, it is clear that however beautiful that answer may be, the recruiter is not an idiot and knows deep down that frying potatoes or preparing hamburgers is not the dream come true for most people. People.

But yes, many recruiters expect this question to show strong enthusiasm in some way, to belong to that company.

Align your skills and experiences with work.

You can concentrate on your work experience and acquired skills, especially if those skills are being sought by the company that is interviewing you, to show that you want that job because you think you could do a lot for that company in the position in question.

Remember that for a lot of paraphernalia that you sell the companies, if you manage to make the company see that with your hiring they will end up earning many more euros, you are hired with total security.

That at no time seems "something of step"

Let's be realistic within sincerity. Even when you marry the love of your life you know there is a chance of divorce, but that is not something you say on your wedding day. Here it happens the same. It is very likely that you will not retire in that company, but no interviewer likes to listen:

"I want to work here to try something new or until something better comes out."

Make him see that either the company, or the position itself, is something that attracts you and where you feel you can develop professionally.

In this way, you are preparing the appetizer for when they ask you: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?