What is an outgoing person and its characteristics

Surely you know one or more extroverted people in your life, even think that you are one of them. The first to work with terms such as extroversion and introversion was the psychologist Carl G. Jung, who defined the extroverted person as that individual who was characterized by having a marked interest in their environment, in their social life and in their experiences.

Obtained through external events that happened to him more than inmates. An outgoing person is one who loves to socialize and, in fact, feels a kind of need to do so.

These types of people tend to surround themselves with many others and make friends easily, they love changes and challenges and generally they will always have a quick response to almost any situation.

But what is it that characterizes extroverted people? In this article: what is an outgoing person and its characteristics we will inform you in more detail about this topic.

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Characteristics of extrovert people

Below we will show what are the main characteristics of extroverted people.
  • Impulsiveness. They are people who tend to be impulsive, to make decisions and take action at the moment, without thinking too much.
  • Sociability. They love being around people, attending social gatherings continuously such as parties and meetings and tend to have many friends.
  • Optimism. Generally, extroverts are positive and optimistic in the situations that happen to them in life.
  • Aggressiveness. Sometimes they can become aggressive because they have very little tolerance for frustration.
  • Strong emotions. They tend to take a risk when it comes to doing new things and undertaking projects despite the fear and uncertainty that this may generate.
  • Unconcern. They tend to act in a relaxed manner in situations that could be stressful and generally tend to feel calmer to begin to resolve them.
  • Assertiveness. By having many social skills tend to be more assertive because they know how to communicate what they think and feel in the best way to others.
  • Energy. They are people who are generally quite active, who love to be doing new things and to be in constant movement.

Difference between extrovert and introvert

Here we mention what are the main differences between the characteristics of an introvert and an extrovert.
  • Extroverted people tend to be quite impulsive and make decisions quickly and easily.
  • Introverts take their time to make their own decisions and are usually quite reflective and analytical.
  • Extroverts are usually active and love to be on the move.
  • Introverted people tend more towards passivity .
  • Extroverted people enjoy interacting with other people and love to socialize.
  • Introverted people enjoy their time alone with themselves and do not usually have many friends.
  • Extroverted people can be aggressive at times, especially when they can not stand the frustration that a situation produces.
  • Introverted people try to avoid situations where there may be some type of conflict.
  • Extroverted people feel the need to be surrounded by people because they feel better with themselves.
  • Introverted people do not need others to feel good about themselves.
  • Extroverted people have a special taste for strong emotions.
  • Extroverted people dislike strong emotions.
  • Extroverted people tend to have a more positive and optimistic thinking .
  • It is easier for an introverted person to fall into pessimism .

Introversion or extroversion: what is better?

If you are wondering right now what is better, if you are an outgoing or introverted person, the answer would be: everything depends .

It is true that today in society is much more important and value that a person is extroverted because for example in many jobs is a prerequisite to have " people skills ", know how to work as a team and interact well with others. In fact, it is said that extroverted people tend to be very successful in the social and work environment due to their developed social skills , but this does not mean that being introverted has a lower value or that due to it the person can not be fulfilled nor feel full.

For example, although the introverted person has much less friends than the extroverted one, this one is going to feel quite comfortable and satisfied for that because they are people who focus their attention on the quality of their relationships and not on the quantity. It may be that an introverted person is very happy in his work because he is doing what he loves and is passionate about and it will not cause him any kind of envy or conflict to see how another extroverted person is recognized and surrounded by many others.

Finally, it can be concluded that both introverts and extroverts can become happy and have the emotional well-being they need if they wish. Just as an outgoing person can make you happy by going partying every weekend, an introverted person may like to stay alone at home to read and fully enjoy it.

How to know if I am an outgoing person

Now that you know how an extroverted person is and its characteristics, it is normal to ask yourself if you are an outgoing person or not. To know these personality traits, you can do the following personality test online .