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Introvert characteristics - All people by nature are extroverted or introverted, however throughout our lives we tend to adopt more characteristics of one than of another. There are people who can have a lot of both, that is, they can be introverted or extroverted with some people and with others the opposite. For example, a person who is normally introverted with people who have just met and who do not have much confidence, however it may be that in his most intimate group of friends are a totally extroverted person. Although the most common is that the person opts for introversion or extroversion in most situations.

We know a lot about extroverted people because they are the ones who are most noticed in society and, in fact, who they are is almost always valued as something very positive, sometimes leaving aside introverted people when it does not have to be that way. But in reality, who are the introverted people? In this article on, we will explain in detail what are the characteristics of an introverted person and to let you know the advantages of introversion.

Introvert: psychological meaning

When we speak of introversion, we refer to a characteristic or personality trait in which the people who adopt them tend to focus much more on their internal than on the external world.

That is, introverts tend to be self-reflective people who like to connect with themselves, get to know each other more deeply, focus more on their own attitudes, feelings and thoughts than on others' and therefore, in general, they know each other better. to themselves. Introversion is not the same as extreme shyness or social phobia because introverted people enjoy being alone with themselves, they feel good about having a small circle of friends and have no problem communicating with others when they consider it necessary.

On the contrary, when a person suffers from extreme shyness or social phobia, what he most desires is to be in contact with other people, however his desire is just as great as his fear and anxiety to do so, which does not allow him to be calm and at peace with herself. People with social phobia suffer from feeling that they can not relate as they wish to others, introverts enjoy loneliness and relate to fewer people.

What is an introverted person? Main features

To be able to make a correct psychological profile and compare an introverted and extroverted individual, it is essential to talk about the main characteristics of an introverted person :
  1. They tend to be more reserved about their intimate and personal life. That is, they will not easily tell a person that they have just met some important event in their life since they reserve it only for themselves or for the people closest to them.
  2. They prefer to have a quieter and more intimate encounter with their friends than to go partying or to an event where there is a crowd of people.
  3. They enjoy their time alone and they know how to take advantage of every moment of it.
  4. They tend to isolate themselves from time to time as they consider it a necessity and for them it is a way to recharge energy.
  5. They like to have a small circle of friends but very close to having many friendships and to take with different social groups.
  6. They usually know themselves quite well and know how to be happy with oneself .
  7. They are usually quieter and do not like to attract attention.
  8. They know how to really listen to others and enjoy doing it.
  9. They do not allow themselves to be easily influenced by others.
  10. They enjoy being immersed in their own world and constantly reflecting on themselves and what is happening around them.
  11. They usually do many introspection exercises .

Advantages of the profile of an introvert

Contrary to what most people may think, introverted people have a number of advantages just because they are.

Introverted and extroverted: which is better?

It is important to take this into account because society in general tends to praise and recognize only extroverted people and do not realize that introverts actually have an enormous potential that must be taken advantage of. That is why we will mention below what are the main advantages and characteristics of an introverted person:
  • They know themselves very well so they are people who generally know what they want and where they want to lead their life.
  • They know how to listen to other people with attention, something that is not very good for many extroverts since they prefer to always have the word.
  • They are considered very reliable people, so they are excellent confidants and friends . This is a great advantage since they do not need to do much for another person to quickly trust them.
  • They tend to be very creative and innovative because they live constantly immersed in a world of ideas that seems not to end.
  • They are usually more independent because they prefer to work and resolve their issues without seeking excessive help from others.
  • They show a great emotional balance because they know themselves very well and know how to manage their emotions.
  • They can become excellent leaders because by understanding and knowing themselves well, they can do the same with others and help them get the best out of them. This causes that a high degree of empathy is generated and the workers feel valued and listened to.
This article is purely informative, in we do not have the faculty to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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