What Hosting Plan Do I Need to Buy? Here is the Answer

What Hosting Plan Do I Need?
Web hosting is always needed to get if you want to establish a new website for your business or your personal use. If you are quite new in the world of website hosting, you are probably get confused of how to choose the best web hosting plan. Basically, the selection of the hosting plan will heavily depend on the personal need of the website itself.

There are two types of a very common web hosting: the free web hosting and the shared web hosting. Actually, a dedicated web hosting is a quite common type as well, but in this case, that option will be excluded because dedicated web hosting is usually for fully-established business, and not for newbie and beginners.

The selection of web hosting should be based on several considerations. First, it is your budget. Second, it is your scale of business. Third, it is the technical work. To make the decision, you need to take a closer look of the most possible options: the free web hosting and the shared hosting.

Do I Need Free Web Hosting?
Let’s begin with the free web hosting. As the name implies, this is the web hosting plan that does not require you to pay for anything. You can establish a website completely for free. Being free, of course it is lack of features and very simple and basic.

The free web hosting is suitable if you do not have any budget to setup a website. This kind of hosting is also suitable if you only plan to create small, simple website for personal use or for small business. The website will not have any sophisticated features and complicated technical works.

Do I Need Shared Hosting?
Shared hosting is a little bit different, yet quite closes, to free web hosting. It requires you to pay because the web hosting is mostly run by professionals and it has way better features compared to the free hosting. The term “shared” here means that you have to share the web hosting with other websites or companies.

This type of hosting is suitable if you want to create a website with more advanced features. However, being a shared place with other websites, the site of yours won’t be too powerful to handle up many visitors. That's why the shared hosting is only suitable for you who create websites for small business.