What Can You Do with Node.JS: Smart and Creative Environment

What Can You Do with Node.JS
Node.JS is a run-time system of JavaScript programming language that can be utilized to carry out the language’s code outside of browser environment. Coder will be able to run commands using JavaScript within a local server. This run-time system is built inside V8 engine of Chrome. There are several things that you can do when you have this system at hand.

1. Establishing Data Queues
When dealing with a large amount of constantly updating data from clients, the server’s database may get overwhelmed. In the worst case, it will slow down the process entirely. Node.JS handles the data by taking account of client’s inputting process. If client has not confirmed that the data is completed then it will not be prioritized by the system. This will form a queue in which the system can handle all the data conveniently.

2. Creating Chat Bots
Node.JS is also a great platform for chatting. Chatting requires a real time update. It involves multiple members at once and also several devices. The traffic is high in chatting. Because of Node.JS’s characteristics, it can handle chatting application comfortably. It tries to maintain fluidity in its system to ensure that users get the best experience.

3. Real Time Stock Updates
Since Node.JS is highly responsive to the changes of events and able to handle multiple connections at once, this system is popular for stock trade market live updates. It can update its own database as soon as a change happens within the market. It makes trading more convenient since you do not need to come to work. Market research can happen in your own home.

How to Download Node.JS?
Node.JS can be obtained for free in its website. Here are the steps to download this system to your own computer.
  • Go to the main website at https://nodejs.org/.
  • Select “Downloads” menu.
  • Choose file based on your system requirements.
  • Click on the file and your file will be downloaded.
  • Access the file then install Node.JS to your computer.
  • This file can be utilized immediately for daily activities due to its functions.
The Format of Node.JS
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