What Is a Web Hosting Service? Knowing More about It

What is a web hosting service?
Web hosting service, or known as web hosting, is company that provides a place to host website in order to be accessible through internet. All files in World Wide Web need to be in certain place that everyone can access them. This is the basic service of web hosting business.

This kind of service has several models based on the way they operate. At first, the company had servers and all clients store the file directly. After that, the business expands to be service based only where the company provides service, and the server operates separately. The business may have both two in single service, or just one type of model. It depends on the company scale and market share.

Classification of web hosting service
Classification depends on scale and server capability. Web hosting consists of small and large-scale business. If they only provide basic service, it is considered as small web hosting. Clients or users can upload their file via FTP directly. After that, hosting configures the domain, IP address, host, and server location. Therefore, all internet users around the world can access those websites. This kind of business is mostly for personal utilization. Nowadays, everyone can have their own website.

On the other hand, big scale hosting involves complex and vast service. It is not just simple web hosting, but it is also capable to integrate with the latest platform. Users may use website not just static one, but expanded into dynamic. The website has chat setting, email, notification, video streaming, even integrated into mobile apps. Company uses server with extensive and large bandwidth including he fast network installation.

Types of web hosting service
Web hosting service also has several types based on scope service itself. They are shared hosting, reseller service, virtual dedicated service, colocation, and cloud hosting. Shared hosting is basic service that already explained. Reseller service is when the company provides hosting for reseller business.

They sell in bulks then the small-scale service will sell again to the end user. Both are available as managed and unmanaged hosting. Managed means users only upload, and every system is already installed. On the other hand, unmanaged requires users to start hosting from scratch because the company only provides the space.

If users own the full hosting as their own computer, it is called virtual dedicated server. Collocation has similar service to VPS, but users can manage physical server, not its virtualization. Moreover, cloud computing is technology that integrated hosting to other service. Clients only pay based on what they use.