How to Forget Someone You See Everyday

How to Forget Someone You See Everyday - Dating someone you see every day seems like a great idea until the moment the relationship breaks down. Now you are forced to watch him interact with other people. Or worse, start another relationshi…

Dating someone you see every day seems like a great idea until the moment the relationship breaks down. Now you are forced to watch him interact with other people. Or worse, start another relationship and witness its consolidation. At the beginning it will be very difficult and it may affect your performance whether it is work or academic and everything will be a great effort.

Do you want to know how to forget someone you see every day? In this article on, we present some tips that can be of great help to you when you are going through this situation and you want to forget that person with whom you coincide every day, be it at work, school, etc.

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How someone forgot fast: phases of a break

Ruptures are nothing new to most of us. Chances are you have had more romantic failures than you can count on. Ending a relationship is the easy part, especially when it was not satisfactory. The hard part is overcoming the breakup when you have to see that person every day. If you want to know how to forget someone you see every day, we recommend reading the phases of a break first:

1. Denial

Denial is the automatic response of your brain to unwanted news. Denial gives the heart time to adapt to the new situation. In the denial phase you may think that your partner is going to return with you. Everyone spends different amounts of time in the denial phase, so go to your support network. Important people can prevent you from making common mistakes in the denial stage, such as nightly conversations with your ex.

2. Anger

It's normal to be angry with your ex-partner. You may be resentful of her for causing you pain or for separating your family. It is important at this stage not to make any hasty decision that you can regret later. Discover here how to stop being so spiteful.

3. Negotiation

In the negotiation phase you will try to restore your relationship or maybe rebuild it as a friendship

4. Depression

It is normal to be sad. At this point in your affliction, you come to an agreement with the fact that the situation will not change. This is a time for reflection. You may want to be alone. Realize that the kindness of others is not meant to bother you. Therefore, trust your support system to keep you distracted from your grief.

5. Acceptance

It is natural to house a place in your heart for your loved ones. Special relationships make you who you are. However, in the final stage of affliction or sadness after a break, you will begin to reconstruct what happened, accept the break and recognize the role you played in it.

Some tips to forget someone you see every day

To accept this situation and forget someone fast, you can resort to the following psychological advice:

Understand why you are not together.

Overcoming the break with someone you have to see all the time can be incredibly difficult if you still cannot understand why you broke up in the first place. You always have to be clear about the reasons for the consequences in order to move forward. Understand what led to the separation: Did the feelings get cold? Were you changing because of this person? Was there a lack of confidence? ... Discovering the reason why you are not together is the first step to overcome the separation of someone you have to see all the time.

Finish with that, whatever it means to you.

Sometimes we are so anxious to get out of a break that we refuse to have a closure. The closure can be more problematic than necessary, with a lot of unnecessary drama and incalculable truths that arise in the conversation. Even so, it's worth the risk because the advantages can outweigh the disadvantages. Getting a close with your ex through a real and honest conversation will not leave room for interpretation. You have your version of the story, but you need to know yours as well. Otherwise, you risk having a confrontation every time you see it.

Take care first.

The initial instinct after our hearts are broken may be to give us some whims that we would not give ourselves under normal circumstances. Not only is it insane, it will make you go back a lot. The solution to overcome the break with someone you see all the time is to feel comfortable in your own skin. This is an excellent time to gather new hobbies and interests, spend time with your friends and do things that make you feel strong, healthy and happy. Just because your relationship is over does not mean that your whole life is over. It's time to strengthen your self-esteem.

Stop harassing him on social networks.

Harassment in social relationships after a breakup is relatively common today and may last too long. This is extremely toxic. You do not need to follow what he is doing or who he is seeing after you have decided to end your relationship. Also, you see it every day - you do not need to dedicate your life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Clarify your priorities.

If you think that your ex was the only thing that mattered in your life, you should bear in mind that you have much more to focus on and value. We need to keep our focus on the important things in our lives that have nothing to do with our ex.

How to accept a break with someone you see every day

Finally, we offer you these tips to change your attitude and mentality in this situation.

Be civilized, do not be mean.

Unless your break ends in a disaster, try to be civilized with your ex. If you have to see him every day, try to at least be able to greet him and have a little chat. This will be difficult at first. So, if you need to avoid it for a week or two, I do not blame you. After that, it returns to a neutral state. Seeing it every day will prevent you from glorifying its image in your head and you will overcome it in a short time.

No matter how tempting it is, do not become an inmate.

There are people who after a break are isolated and disappear completely from their social circles. And sometimes when we realize that it has been a mistake it is too late. The delicate period after the break is the exact moment when we must surround ourselves with friends. Spending time with different people will change your perspective on things and improve your mood simultaneously. Go out and have fun. It is always better to have a great weekend when you see your ex on Monday than to have been sad and alone at home.

Do not concentrate only on the bad memories, remember also the good ones.

Make a list of your daily achievements and failures. It is as easy as it seems. Get a piece of paper, make two columns and write the good and the bad. It is important not only to cling to the bad parts of your past relationship. Recognizing the good that you brought into your life will make seeing your ex easier. It will give you a feeling of peace and you will overcome it much more easily.
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