Anger management therapy: 8 Techniques to not get so angry

Anger management therapy: 8 Techniques to not get so angry
Are you a person who jumps to the minimum of change? There are people who are more "angry" than others, that is, people more susceptible to anger and who, at any time, can see how they change their mood and mood.

It is an impulsive reaction that can complicate much the coexistence with that person and, even, she herself can feel dissatisfied with her day to day. In addition, is that getting angry for everything can be very exhausting?

For this reason, in this article on we are going to discover 8 techniques to avoid becoming so angry, they are tricks that you can incorporate into your routine and with which you will control the bad mood. Put them into practice!

Breathe deeply: one of the best tricks to not get upset

One of the best techniques for not getting so upset is breathing. It is a trick that you have surely heard more than once and that its effectiveness is assured. Although the naked eye may seem silly, the truth is that taking a deep breath can help you, a lot, to relax your nerves and calm your anger.

With a deep breath, you will be able to relax your pulsations, send more oxygen to the brain and, in addition, you will give yourself time to not react impulsively and let your anger be the one speaking.

The most recommended is that, when you feel that you are getting angry, close your eyes, take a deep breath 10 times, and then answer. In this other article, you will find a test of anger and aggression to know the levels of anger you have in your day to day.

Observe and redirect techniques to control anger

It is essential that if you want to learn to control anger, be aware of when you are getting angry. That is to say, this emotion cannot catch you by surprise because, if this is the case, the reaction will be uncontrolled and nothing rational. What we are looking for is, precisely, to put a bit of reason to what is happening and to be able to control our response to that stimulus that disturbs us.

Therefore, one of the tricks to not get angry is that you know how to recognize your physical reactions to anger. That is, learn to detect when you are getting angry: agitated breathing, heat, stomach pain ... Attending to the symptoms it will be much easier to put the barrier so they do not explode in an uncontrolled way.

Once you have detected that you are getting angry, in order to control it, it will be enough to try to change your thinking. That is to say, get rid of the idea that you are "right" and try to put yourself in the other person's place. Try to understand why he has told you or done what has caused you anger and empathize with him. Trying to understand is the first step to clarify the situation.

Why are you getting angry? - The importance of analysis

In order to control anger it is essential that you understand and understand. You have to put a little logic to the situation and avoid letting yourself be carried away by that emotion that is invading your body. Stop a second and ask yourself: Why am I really getting angry?

Surely, the first thing that comes to mind is "Because he / she has said that ...” No it's not true. Do not get angry because he has said something but because, deep down, there is something in that that is stirring you inside. It may be that that phrase or act is giving you to understand that you are unimportant to that person; therefore, the real problem is that you are feeling a little apart.

It is essential that we understand what hurts us and why it hurts us. Only then, can we put an end to this situation and get it fixed as soon as possible. It is recommended that, instead of focusing on the faults of others, we focus on ourselves and analyze what is bothering us and what may be the cause of this feeling.

Put on your skin

Another of the best techniques to not get so angry is that you leave your center, your navel, to try to understand the other person. In a discussion, there are two people who are involved in the conversation and, therefore, both have feelings, emotions and fears. Letting ourselves be carried away and acting solely for what happens to us is a big mistake and, in addition, it will make us not understand the other.

Therefore, when you are in a situation where something is upsetting you, we invite you to ask yourself the following: "What is the other person trying to tell me about this?”. Instead of reacting impulsively it is better that you try to empathize and put yourself in the other's skin to see what it is that he wants to tell you.

Many times, discussions are no more than errors in communication and, therefore, it is essential that you try to understand what message you want to convey to you. In this other article, we give you some good advice so you can learn to discuss as a couple.

Do not take it as a competition

Especially in the environment of the couple, the anger is usually conceived as a kind of toxic competition to see who holds more or see who is right. Here enter many concepts that should be avoided such as pride, dominance over the other, stubbornness, and so on. Therefore, we must avoid competitive or toxic behaviors that only add fuel to the fire.

You have to consider that a discussion does not have to be a negative situation. If you learn to control your primary anger and control your emotions well, you will be able to build a bridge of understanding towards that person with whom you have the disagreement. Instead of seeing him as an enemy, try to see him as a person from whom you can learn: there is something you are not sharing so it is time to get out of our ego and hear the other point of view.

We can be, or not, agree. However, what is certain is that it will teach us another way to see life and to better understand the situation in which you are.

Affectionate gestures, a great technique to control the anger

We know that this can be a complicated trick to perform, especially at the beginning. But if you have decided that you want to better control your anger and anger, then you have to apply this technique eventually because, in the end, it is the basis of your discussion. That is, you are getting angry with that person because, in reality, you care. Therefore, a bond of love and love unites you.

So, one of the best techniques to not get so upset is that, when you are angry or arguing, make an approach to that person. Caress her hand, hug her or kiss her. You can be angry but you do not hate yourself. That is the key. You are only living a tense moment but that you can solve with empathy, tranquility and respect. Therefore, an affectionate approach will help you relax tension and your emotion will be very calm. Test it!

A relaxed and conscious life so as not to get mad

In addition to all these tricks that we have indicated, if you want to learn to control anger and anger it is important that you practice some healthy habits for your mind. Try to reduce the consumption of toxic substances such as alcohol or drugs as they produce emotional and emotional instability.

The best thing is that you start to take care of your mind and, for this, perform some habits as a sport, eat healthy, sleep well at night, and so on. All this will help you to be much calmer and optimistic in your day to day, therefore, tensions will manage it in another way.

If you tend to get very angry, it is best to incorporate some activities such as yoga or meditation that will help you connect with your body and dissipate tensions. It is important to live in an environment away from stress and anxiety so as not to pay with the people in your environment the chaos that you have in your life.

Avoid people or toxic situations

Finally, one of the tricks to not get so angry is a very basic and elementary: get away from everything that makes you tense or that destabilizes you. There are people who can be toxic to you and who can bring out the worst in ourselves. It is important to know how to detect them in time and avoid establishing too intimate relationships with them. In this other article, we give you some tips so that you know how to deal with toxic people at work, an environment that we cannot avoid but learn to manage in another way.

The same can happen with some situations or contexts in life. It may be that, in some situations, we do not feel completely safe or confident and that, therefore, we end up bursting with an accumulation of uncontrolled emotions. If we want to get angry less it is better that, we try to avoid people and toxic circumstances in order to have a better control of the situation.