6 Characteristics of Envious People

6 Characteristics of envious people - Who has never known an envious person in his life? Or who has not felt envy at some time in their life? Surely all or almost all of us have met someone who has envied us or we have seen how he has envied others and even has also happened to us that we have felt envy towards another person. Envy is a feeling that arises from the comparison with another person and normally this comparison is made with other people who have more skills than us, more material things, etc.

Envious people feel all the time less fortunate and less valuable than others and when the envy they feel becomes so great they can even try to destroy or attack the person they envy. For this reason it is important to learn to identify this type of people who are not happy or comfortable with themselves so that they do not affect us or try to intrude into our lives, as long as they continue with that attitude and experience that negative feeling as it is. envy, they can even bring us conflicts. It is for this reason that in this article we will let you know what are the main characteristics of envious people .

The most common traits of envious people

6 Characteristics of Envious People
Next we are going to introduce you to some of the most common characteristics of envious people. We must take into account that each person is different so we can not judge or label it in a certain way, they are simply aspects that can help us that something in the person's life is not going very well and that until he works with it for her She will not be able to stop envying herself and therefore to experience that constant discomfort she feels.
  • Poor self-esteem Envious people lack self-love and do not realize how much they are worth just being people. The envious have the belief that people are worth what they have (material things, personal skills, physical appearance, etc.) and not for what they really are. So for this type of people if another does not have enough of that to which she gives much importance, you will have the impression that it is worthless. Likewise, if she feels that she lacks one or many things, she will feel that her life is worthless.
  • They are compared continuously. Envious people do not stop comparing themselves with others who have more things than they have or think they have, which makes them feel even miserable and therefore feel very bad about themselves.
  • They wish evil to others. The envious ones do not support that other people have what they would like to have, even if they do not want the same things, if they see that another person is doing well in any area of ​​their life, it affects them as much as if that is why they really lost something.
  • They make you look bad in public. Take advantage of any time you get distracted to tell you something in front of other people who know what will make you embarrassed and even make you look ridiculous.
  • They make fun of other people. Envious people often tend to tease others and judge them constantly. For example, if they see that another is doing well economically they can say things like: "what a fool you can be doing very well in your job but in your love life it is a disaster", "what ugly is , even scares "," seems delayed ", etc.
  • They make false compliments. Have you met someone who flatters other people constantly even without reason to do so? These people when they compliment someone or congratulate someone else for something they have done well you notice that they are not doing it naturally and on the contrary they act in a false way and it shows.

In this other article we discover the different types of envy that exist.

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How to treat envious people

When within our social circle we have an envious person with whom we live constantly, we can do the following to avoid conflict with it.
  • Empathize Once we are aware that these types of people do not feel good about themselves and that the problem is only in them and not in others, it is easier to try to understand them. For this we can ask ourselves questions such as: what has led that person to have this feeling so negative ?, What has in his life in his favor that he is not perceiving to be looking at what others have?
  • Talk to that person Depending on the type of relationship we have with that person, it is advisable to speak from the empathy and understanding with that person and make him see what he has stopped seeing in his life and the way in which he is affecting herself to keep this type of feeling.
Here we discover what to do when someone envies you so you know how to react and how to manage this situation.

Why is there envy?

Envy comes from comparison, people who spend all their time comparing themselves with others and stop seeing the good of themselves begin to harbor this type of feeling that if not managed in a good way can be even destructive. Those who envy feel that they lack one or more things that other people seem to have, they focus only on the superficial and do not realize that all people have defects and virtues, nobody is perfect.

While they compare themselves with others, the more they move away from themselves and the more jealousy increases as it will become harder and harder to achieve and above all to identify their true personal goals that surely have nothing to do with those of the people they envy, without However, how they do not know themselves well can live with the belief that they need what the other has. Finally, they make the constant comparison a vicious circle where they become more involved and live their lives experiencing great frustration and anxiety because they do not feel valuable enough.

The downside of all this is that not being aware of what is happening to them can not put a stop to this situation and seek a solution to increase their emotional well-being.

How to deal with envious people

When we are successful, happy or simply feel good about ourselves, not everyone is happy for us or shares our happiness and there are even those who feel upset and sad with it, due to the envy they feel towards us or our circumstances.

Since these people can harm us and even make us feel guilty for what we have achieved, it is advisable to know how to deal with envious people.

Tips for dealing with envious people

When we find ourselves in a relationship, of any kind, in which the other person is envious, it is good to know what to do about it.

Take note of the following tips for dealing with envious people :

1. If we can, it is best to stay away from envious people and stay with those who are really happy for us. This is not always possible, since envy occurs between family members, couples and especially between co-workers, but we must try to keep as much distance as possible.

2. If we can't walk away, it's important that we learn to ignore sarcastic comments and their passive-aggressive attitudes. If we do not fight them or enter their game, little by little they will stop doing them and their attacks will decrease. It is important not to give credibility to their messages and be attentive to their behavior, to avoid falling into it.

3. If you do not want to lose the relationship with that person, it is advisable that you talk to him or her , honestly expressing what you feel in relation to how he or she acts or speaks. It is important that you do this carefully, considering the other's feelings and trying not to hurt them. It is not about being vindictive or aggressive, since sometimes the person is not aware of her behavior or does not consider the impact that it has on us.

4. If an approach is not possible, it is best to cut off the relationship with that person, because, in the long run, it can limit you from developing your full potential and capabilities.