What You Need to Know about Minimalist Traditional House

There are many styles for houses. One of them is minimalist traditional. When most people see houses with minimalist traditional style, they think that the houses have no style. Most people think it is a “no-style.” This is not true. Contrary to popular belief, minimalist traditional is a style. Yes, a deliberate one.

The minimalist traditional style for housing began back in the 1930s. The design is simplistic and focuses more on functions rather than aesthetic, not unlike the current minimalist décor. Want to know more about this style? Read on. Below, we tell you three characteristics of minimalist traditional style.

Small Scale

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of a minimalist traditional house is its scale. Houses with the minimalist traditional design are often located on small lots and have only one story. Of course, there are exceptions but the small scale is the trend.

The small scale is not surprising and even understandable. Remember, the style was the response to the depression back then. Thanks to the minimalist traditional style, the house can be constructed easily with low cost, resulting in affordable housing.

Minimal Decorations

The decorations are also minimal as well. When you see houses with minimalist traditional, you will see limited architectural decorations most of the time. The minimal decorations were intended, as houses with minimal decorations can be built quicker and cost less than houses with elaborate decorations.

Simple Windows and Rooflines

Along with small scale and minimal architectural decorations, a minimalist traditional style also includes simple windows and rooflines. For the windows, the go-to choice is double-hung windows. Some of the double hung windows have simulated multi-pane windows, while some others are true multi-pane windows.

For the rooflines, the predominant choice is the gabled roof. Just like most parts of the house, the gabled roof has a simple design and can be constructed easily. That’s right, the rooflines are mostly for functional purposes.

What You Need to Know about Minimalist Traditional House