How to Make Traditional Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist décor has been trending for quite a while now. But, as we all know about décor trend, there is always a new trend coming. Now, traditional décor is on its way to becoming popular just like minimalist did in recent years.

Do you want to try something different? If you like both minimalist and traditional décor, you’d want to try making a traditional minimalist living room. Don’t know how to do so? No need to worry. Here are simple touches that will make your living room both traditional and minimalist.

Mix and Match

First and foremost, try mixing and matching traditional and minimalist decorations in your living room. Blend the traditional and minimalist feel with the decorations. For example, pairing chairs with minimalist design and a traditional table.

Colorful Bookcase   

A bookcase is always included in just about any décor, including traditional and minimalist. If you want to get a traditional and minimalist vibe from your bookcase, try to make it more colorful. Just remember to keep things simple and clutter-free.

Use Modern Lighting

If the living room already has a traditional vibe, a good way to make it more minimalist and modern is to add modern lighting above. You don’t have to go for an elaborate chandelier. A chandelier with a simple design will suffice.

Use One Dominant Color

You can make a minimalist living room feel livelier and traditional by using one dominant color. Choose a bright color, like bold red, and dominate the room with it. If you feel overwhelmed, just add other neutral colors to bring the color to balance.

Add a Plant

Adding a plant is always a good idea. How could it not? After all, nothing makes a living room feel and look fresher than a green plant in the middle of the room. To get a traditional and minimalist vibe, your best option is a plant that has texture. For example, a palm leaf and a banana leaf.

How to Make Traditional Minimalist Living Room