What is Stockbroker?

A stockbroker, as the name implies, is a registered person or a company who has the rights to do a transactional activity on stocks. It is not limited to stocks only, but also on investments, exchanges, company assets, and everything that has resource monetizable value through stocks. They work essentially as an intermediary party to assist someone, most of the times investors, in trading stocks. A hired stockbroker will place an order for stocks on your behalf. By doing so, they earn themselves a part of commission, which then be counted as their payment fees.

Stockbroker Definition

The definition of stockbroker itself refers to a licensed investment advisor who provides services within financial fields especially in stock markets. Their services are including, but not limited to investment management services, financial advisory, and transaction executions for a flat rate-based payment, work hour rate, or assets percentage. There are many names to call them with, and they differ in certain places. United States and Canada refer them as registered representative, while India mention them as share broker. Singapore names them as trading representative. Other terms to call them are wealth manager and investment broker.

What Does a Stockbroker Do? Example

1.    Continuous Trade Research

Personal stockbroker that works offline needs to enrich themselves by continuous reading of information, such as researching trades and reading financial news. This information is growing and developing on a daily basis, so they have to begin collecting as early as possible. When the stock exchange markets are open, they’re required to start their work efficiently.

2.    Acting on Behalf of The Clients

Aforementioned, stockbrokers offer financial environment related services. Often times, they are hired as a middleman to act on behalf of investors to place their order at the stock exchange. Beginner or average level investors will not be able to directly do the transactional exchange. Thus, they need the help of a professional and licensed stockbroker to place their order and do the stock exchange trades.

3.    Establish A Good Relationship with People

As in other brokerage services, an expert in this field needs to have strong communication skill. It is highly needed so that they can persuade clients and stock marketers more easily. Based on how well they perform, their income will increase. They need to maintain a good performance especially if they are working for brokerage firms. It might be less depressing if you are a broker who works independently.

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