What is Sponsorship Broker? Definition and Example

What is Sponsorship Broker?

A sponsorship broker is an individual or a company providing service of searching for sponsorship for events or entity. Most of today’s event is going to need sponsorship. Sponsorship is necessary as it gives fresh money to the committee of events. In exchange, the companies or brands giving sponsorship will probably ask for brand recognitions or stuff like that.

Instead of looking for sponsorship on their own, which can take a long time, the committee can contact a sponsorship broker. The job of this kind of broker is finding a sponsor to the particular events. Of course, there will be fees that need to be paid by the event committee to the broker.

Sponsorship Broker Definition

The definition of sponsorship broker is someone who providing service of finding sponsorship for particular events. Common events like music festivals, annual parade, anniversaries, and many more require tons of money. Well, sponsorship is a fast way to earn fresh money.

What Does a Sponsorship Broker Do? Example

If someone is working a sponsorship broker, there are several things that he needs to do in the job. Some of the responsibilities are listed in the job description of a sponsorship broker.

Finding the Sponsor

The biggest job is probably finding the sponsor. They need to find a company, individual, or philanthropist, who wants to give their money in order to fund the event. In doing so, the broker will convince them by listing the advantages that the sponsor will receive during the event.

Making Sponsorship Proposal and Contract

From the beginning, the broker is going to be the one in charge of everything related to sponsorship. The broker will be the one taking care of everything, starting from the proposal making to drawing up contracts.

One of the examples of the usage of a sponsorship broker is: a university is going to have an annual music festival. It wants to invite A-list artists and bands for the event. Obviously, the committee will need a lot of money to do that. It then contacts a sponsorship broker and asks them to get them big names sponsor.

The broker is then trying to approach big companies, sending them proposal and convincing them to be the sponsor of the events. He will also drawing up the agreement, containing the benefits the sponsors will receive if they want to fund the events.

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