Virtual Data Room Service Providers Companies, 5 Best Virtual Data Rooms Solutions

Virtual Data Room Service Providers Companies, 5 Best Virtual Data Rooms Solutions - Virtual data room Virtual data room (sometimes called VDR or Transaction Room) is a warehouse to describe important information online that is used to store and distribute documents. Secure virtu…

Virtual data room

Virtual data room (sometimes called VDR or Transaction Room) is a warehouse to describe important information online that is used to store and distribute documents.

Secure virtual data space has the advantage of facilitating due diligence during M&A transactions (virtual data room for m&a), loan syndication, or private equity and venture capital transactions.

Virtual Data rooms (VDR) have many more impressive features to show this due diligence process traditionally using physical data room to complete document disclosures.

For reasons of cost, efficiency and security, virtual data room has replaced much more traditional physical data room. Virtual data room is an extranet that can be accessed by bidders and advisors via the internet.

Extranet is basically a website with limited controlled access, using secure log-on provided by the vendor, which can be deactivated at any time, by the vendor, if the bidder is attractive.

Most of the information released is confidential and restrictions are applied to the ability of viewers to release this to third parties (by way of forwarding, copying or printing).

This can be effectively applied to protect data using digital rights management. Virtual data room provides access to secure documents for authorized users through a special website, or through a secure agent application.

In the process of mergers and acquisitions, the data space is arranged as part of the data storage center relating to the company or division that is acquired or sold.

Data space allows interested parties to view information related to business in a controlled environment where confidentiality can be maintained.

Conventionally this is achieved by building physical data room that is monitored in a safe place with controlled access. In most cases, with physical data space, only one bidder team can access the room at once.

Virtual data room is designed to have the same advantages as conventional data space (controlling access, viewing, copying, and printing, etc.) with fewer losses.

Because of their increased efficiency, many businesses and industries have switched to using virtual data room rather than physical data room. In 2006, a company spokesman who made space for a virtual agreement reportedly claimed that the process reduced the bidding process by about thirty days compared to physical data room.

Virtual data room for business

In today's business environment, virtual data room (RDV) becomes a revolution in the transaction process.

The main reason why companies switch to RDV rather than other data spaces is 24/7/365 fast access from anywhere and from any device that is connected to the Internet, secure data storage and storage, and significant time and money savings in making transactions confidential for business purposes.

In addition, online version transactions help to avoid many mistakes and risks, which reduces the likelihood that the transaction will pass not as previously planned.

At present, RDV has become a safe place for meetings on the network for all parties involved in the transaction.

By providing full control during online procedures to verify the health of the company's financial condition, this secure online data repository simplifies collaboration between all parties.

Virtual data space has been modified to be an instrument that facilitates all transactions, and not only to conduct due diligence on the financial condition of the company. In addition to absorption and incorporation, virtual data room software is widely used for transactions such as credit syndication, private equity and venture capital loans.

Usually, virtual data room is widely used in many economic sectors, including the following: Biotechnology, Business broker, Accounting, Bank activities related to investment, Credit consultant, Property, Energetics, Lawyer, Government, Consulting services, Media, Pharmacy, Business capital investment, Production, IT and telecommunications, Health, and financial consultant.

As a result online data room providers appear on the market almost every day. Many of them offer similar services such as secure data storage, data management and shared data usage.

Other functions can vary significantly. The best virtual data space provides security such as at the military system level, multilingual support, full text search, document layout and various other functions.

Virtual Data Room Providers

The following is a list of virtual data room service providers companies:

1. Virtual Data Room IDeals

Virtual Data Room IDeals
IDeals Virtual Data Room is a great RDV version with all the functions you can expect from the industry's leading virtual data space provider. The focus is to facilitate financial verification of companies in any industry, including absorption and incorporation, property, biotechnology and technology.

Eight settings for user access rights can be applied to individuals or groups, and users can be given profile permissions that allow them to access certain files and folders. All user activity is tracked and marked with a time stamp and available in the audit log. 256-bit encryption, automatic watermarks, antivirus protection and many other security measures ensure maximum protection of confidential data.

Unlike many providers that require users to download plug-ins or other software, such as Flash or Java, iDeals can work evenly across all browsers, operating systems and tools without installing plug-ins. Full compatibility with cellular devices is provided by special applications for iOS and Windows.

Safe, strong, flexible, but intuitive based on excellent user interaction and 24/7/365 multilingual customer service, iDeals RDV platform is available both as a web service and can be integrated with existing company infrastructure.

The free trial version allows you to personally evaluate all the benefits of this virtual space data.

Product Details Virtual Data Room IDeals

  1. Virtual Data Room Free Version: Yes
  2. Free Trial: 60 Days Free
  3. Deployment: Installed, Mobile, Web Based
  4. Training: Documentation, Webinars, Live Online, In Person
  5. Support: Online, Business Hours, 24/7 (Live Rep)

Virtual Data Rooms Plans and Pricing

  • Basic: Simple, secure document sharing for small projects. Self-service. Email support. No customization.
  • Pro: Professional data room for small and mid-size projects. Phone & email support. Standard customization.
  • Business: Advanced data room for mid-size and large projects. Dedicated premier support. Full Đüustomization.

2. Virtual Data Room Intralinks Dealspace

Intralinks is a pioneer in the virtual data space market, which is focused on simplifying the process of verifying the health of the company's financial condition. The data room contains an indexing template for easy document uploading and a separate platform for exchanging documents while checking the health of the company's financial condition.

Special applications support access from cellular devices. Cellular users like the same functions they need to manage every aspect of the transaction, including uploading files and managing users. Data space provides protection for PDF documents and Office documents, as well as integration with Microsoft Office.

Useful and easy-to-use interfaces minimize obstacles in the learning process for new users. Consultation, additional training and 24-hour support services make Intralinks the ideal choice for large companies with the task of storing and managing complex data (and to be on budget).

Intralinks is a provider of global technology for content management and safe collaboration. Intralinks, founded in 1996, allows exchange, control and management of information between organizations using a company's virtual data space and is a solution that provides space for transactions, suitable for sharing data on both sides of a corporate firewall. VIA Intralinks main products were created for strategic collaboration for a number of industries, including financial services, biomedical sciences, technology and manufacturing.

3. Virtual Data Room Merrill DataSite

Merrill Corporation has made Merrill DataSite to exchange confidential information securely during financial transactions and other transactions, prioritizing privacy and security.

This virtual data space has ISO 27001 certification, specialized service experts and a list of main functions: watermarks, permits, access controls and audit logs. Companies are very concerned about security measures, but in terms of technology there are still many things that need to be improved. For example, DataSite is not accessible from cellular devices, which is important for many business users.

All this makes Merrill DataSite convenient for users, Merrill DataSite is equipped with many features and guaranteed security with prices focused on the luxury and good market segments.

Merrill DataSite is a powerful data sharing solution that simplifies verification of the company's financial health in mergers and absorption, resignation, stock public offering or any transaction that requires verification of the company's financial health. This Merrill DataSite function allows customers to make transactions faster, smarter and better. Learning through presenting documents in the data room how Merrill DataSite significantly reduces transaction time and costs associated with transactions.

4. Virtual Data Room Brainloop Secure Dataroom

Brainloop is one of the leading virtual data space providers. This multi-purpose document storage is used to absorb and combine, build funds, bankruptcy, litigation and other transactions. The main advantage of this provider of virtual data space is that data security and management are handled as completely as possible. Security measures consist of encryption, watermarks and anti-virus scanning and two-level authentication using a password and a special PIN issued for each access.

Advanced technology features, including "Questions and Answers", cellular access and permission systems, allow users to easily share, manage and work with the most valuable company information. These characteristics make the Brainloop RDV a valuable investment for companies both small and large because these providers offer integration with existing enterprise infrastructure (options for larger companies) or more economical cloud repository creation from documents with Internet access.

Brainloop Secure Dataroom is a sophisticated virtual workspace with a complete security architecture, 24/7 global availability through a dedicated web browser and tablet application. Brainloop provides safe interaction in an online workspace that is protected transparently, providing comprehensive protection for confidential documents. Find out why companies around the world use Brainloop as a communication system for board directors, research and development, legal work, and in other fields where you need to share confidential documents.

5. Virtual Data Room SmartRoom VDR

SmartRoom provides virtual space data services for many fields of business activities such as capital markets, law, foreign currency transactions. Secure hosting and shared use of documents by partners, easy confidential company information management, confidential discussion of data directly on the platform, all of these functions are attractive for transaction organizers (investment bankers, private equity fund managers, etc.).

All of this forces them to look for the safest, most efficient, functional and comfortable RDV. SmartRoom is one of the most authorized providers and in addition offers a reasonable pricing policy for the services provided.

Protected by complex security systems (dynamic watermarks, anti-virus scanning, data encryption and backup, two-level user verification, routine audit reports and digital rights management), SmartRoom is involved in thousands of different transactions and manages transactions of more than $ 525 billion.

This cloud platform has a simple and intuitive interface, available in nine languages ​​and equipped with a broad search function, the option to embed references in documents, question and answer sections, and customized websites according to the site's client requirements that contain all logos, and are designed with company color.

The list of incomplete processes that were successfully followed by SmartRoom included: general mergers and acquisitions and verification of the health of the company's financial condition, specifically integration after merger, safe joint work, fund development and restructuring, court payments and analysis of medical records.

To make RDV efficient and convenient for projects, each transaction is supported by a special project manager and a qualified team that works 24 hours / 7 days per week and without holidays.

SmartRoom provides virtual space data services for many fields of industrial and economic activities such as capital markets, law, foreign currency transactions. Secure hosting and shared use of documents by partners, convenient management of confidential company information, confidential discussions about data directly on the platform.
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