Day and Night Locksmith Stockton CA: Charlie's Day & Nite Safe Lock & Key Service

If you can't get into your home or car, you'll have no choice but to find and call a locksmith who works in Stockton, CA.

If you want to hire a locksmith to install deadbolt locks or add a safe to your home, you have time to check your surroundings, just like when you want to hire a plumber, electrician, or other professional.

But if you can't get into your car or home, you want help right away.

If your family or friends can't get you a spare set of keys - or recommend a locksmith - you can find the best Stockton, CA locksmiths on this page.

If you want to hire a professional locksmith from a reputable local business, you need to get information about the person, the price, and the business when you call. Of course all those details will be available here.

Charlie's Day & Nite Safe Lock & Key Service

At Charlies Day and Nite, we have been in the security, alarm, and lock business for more than 55 years. We offer our customers a diverse list of services ranging from alarms to safes to fire and security monitoring. We also offer a full locksmith and key service. Our trained staff and technicians include a team of 21 employees, and we have 11 vehicles to provide you the fastest service possible. Our services focus on security and life safety for our customers. Call us today.

Established in 1962.

Owners,Charlie and Donna,started there business over 50years ago. They have continued to put customer service first.with their son Steve running the operations since 2001,the business hasn't change in that respect.

Charlie's Day & Nite Safe Lock & Key Service
Locksmith in Stockton, California
Address: 706 N El Dorado St, Stockton, CA 95202
Phone: (209) 465-2667

What days are Charlies Day & Nite open?

Sunday    Closed
Monday    8AM–5:30PM
Tuesday    8AM–5:30PM
Wednesday    8AM–5:30PM
Thursday    8AM–5:30PM
Friday    8AM–5:30PM
Saturday    Closed

Locksmith Services

  • Automatic Door Closers
  • Change and Re-key Locks and make New Keys onsite
  • Make Original and cut Electronic Chip Keys for Automobiles
  • Installation of Panic Hardware
  • Provide and Maintain Key Control with High-Security Registered Key Systems

From Charlie's Day & Nite Safe Lock & Key Service

"At Charlie’s Day and Nite, we have been in the security, alarm, and lock business for more than 55 years. We offer our customers a diverse list of services ranging from alarms to safes to fire and security monitoring."

Tips for finding a good locksmith nearby.

Ask for the full legal name of the business located in Stockton, CA. If an operator gives you only a generic name, consider calling another business that identifies itself.

Do a quick internet search. Use the company name with words like "complaint" or "review" (complaint / review).

Ask the operator to confirm the address that appears on the ad. If the ad doesn't show the business address, find out why. A legitimate locksmith who operates a "mobile" business or runs the business from his home will be able to explain this.

Get an estimate of the total cost. You may need to describe the job or type of lock you have before you get an estimate.

Ask the locksmith to bring a written copy of the estimate.

Find out if the locksmith has insurance that covers your losses in case your property is damaged during a repair.

Ask if your state requires a license or registration, and say you want to see it when the locksmith arrives.

What to do when the locksmith arrives at our home or car?

  • Ask for the locksmith's ID and business card. Make sure the information on the business card matches the company name on the invoice.
  • Look at the written estimate the locksmith brought with you, or ask them to write one out before you start work. If the quote doesn't match what you heard on the phone, think about whether you want to call someone else. Do not hand over your credit card until you agree to the quote.
  • Look at the proof of insurance. If your state requires a license or registration, ask to see that, too.
  • Show your ID. A legitimate locksmith must confirm your identity and make sure that you are indeed the owner of the property or vehicle before starting work.
  • If the locksmith gives you authorization forms or other documents, read them before you sign.
  • If the locksmith says your lock needs to be drilled and replaced, consider hiring someone else. A skilled and legitimate locksmith has invested in tools and education and should have the ability to open almost any door without breaking it.
  • Before you pay, get a written invoice that shows the name of the company and lists labor, replacement parts, and all fees charged.
  • If the service was good, save the number in case there is a next time.

What do I do if I have a problem with the locksmith?

If you have a problem with a locksmith, try to resolve the dispute with the company first. Make sure you act quickly. Some companies may not accept responsibility if you don't complain within a certain time.

If you are not satisfied with the work performed, consider contacting your local Stockton, CA consumer protection agency for information and assistance.

Frequent questions.

  • How does a locksmith open a locked door?
  • Most of the time a lock will be picked by a qualified locksmith. A basic euro cylinder should be quick and easy enough for a qualified locksmith to open, however a high security lock may require specialist tools. If the lock has been damaged, the locksmith may not be able to open it.
  • How long does it take for a locksmith to open a door?
  • It can take between 7 seconds and 45 minutes to open a lock. Generally a locksmith should be able to open most doors in about 10 minutes. Of course this is affected by the type of lock. The timing also depends on whether there is a single lock on the door or there are multiple locks installed that require opening.
  • Has the lock been installed backwards?
  • This can make the job take longer. The increase in anti-smashing and anti-smashing locks that are widely available also affects the time it takes for a locksmith to open the lock without causing damage.
  • When will a professional locksmith drill the lock?
  • Skilled and professional locksmiths prioritize opening a lock without causing damage. Sometimes, however, the locks are impenetrable. If the lock has a faulty spring, a professional locksmith will not be able to open it and will have to drill it. If for any reason your lock is defective or cannot be opened, the locksmith will be able to replace your lock cylinder and provide you with a new key.
  • Does the locksmith need to have a license and identification?
  • Not all states have licensing requirements for locksmiths. So beware of fraud or scams. To make sure you get the best locksmith for your needs and avoid potential problems, you should: - The Locksmiths Association of America has a voluntary certification program. At the very least, check membership to work in Stockton, CA. - Search for the business on Google and check if it is a legitimate business. - Always ask the company for the name of the locksmith they send you. - Not all states require a license, but if they do, ask to see it. If you're not sure about your license, check your state's requirements.
  • But is a cheap locksmith worth it? Anyone with a discount?
  • The price of the service should not be the attraction towards the locksmith. The important thing is that you do a good job above all things. The advice is to review the score you have from different sources and thus choose the best one (in addition to taking into account all the recommendations suggested above). In some cases you can find discounts on usual discount sites like Groupon. The problem is that the promotion hardly matches the service we need from the locksmith. But it is good to always take into account and check before hiring him or ask him if he has any discount for the service to be performed.