Preventive Maintenance and Advantages for the Machinery

The preventive maintenance is one of the main solutions to ensure the proper functioning of the machinery . We indicate the main characteristics of this format and its advantages.

The main characteristics of preventive maintenance

The preventive maintenance is that which applies to trade with a certain periodicity . It is important to note that the objective is not to repair but, rather, to avoid a future breakdown . The normal thing is that this action adapts to the needs of the machines that vary according to the model. In any case, there are some common points that should be known. We can highlight the following characteristics that highlight this type of maintenance:

1. Change of parts and components

It is very important to remember that this type of maintenance does not repair anything. Now, machinery , components or fuels are replaced to extend the useful life of the device. Not in vain, in some cases there may be major problems if the change is not made. The most common effect is that costs derived from corrective maintenance will be saved.

2. Periodic review

This type of maintenance differs from the corrective because it is periodic and systematic . The idea is to check with a certain frequency that the machine works well. In the case that it is necessary, the corresponding pieces will be changed. The review can be focused on the entire device or focus only on some components. By definition, a periodic review is usually cheaper than an ad hoc action .

3. The manufacturer indicates the revision periods

Regardless of the decision you make, the manufacturer recommends periods of revision and maintenance . As a general rule, it is advisable to follow them so that the machinery lasts what has to last in perfect conditions. The result is that most professionals follow this pattern because it is the most reliable. In any case, the maintenance manager will charge you if you have to advance or delay actions.

4. Maintenance is done with the device stopped

Preventive maintenance tasks are performed when the device is stopped . This is the way to make the replacements that are necessary to improve the yields. Predictive maintenance, on the other hand, is carried out with the machinery in operation. A good professional is aware of this need and the consequences it has.


Preventive Maintenance and Advantages for the Machinery
If you have industrial machines, it is important that you know when to do the maintenance. This is a way for you to last longer, and it is always good to consult the manufacturers.