The characteristics of predictive maintenance

Anticipating the breakdowns of industrial machinery is essential to lengthen the useful life and improve performance. We give more details about the functions of predictive maintenance .

Predictive maintenance: the main features of this model

The predictive maintenance encompasses all measures diagnostic we do to predict whether a machine will fail or not . In other words, the main function is to be able to anticipate the cycles of operation. In principle, this measure does not have to involve direct intervention.

This type of maintenance has advantages and disadvantages, depending on how we approach it. We highlight the following cases that will allow you to assess if you are interested in introducing this modality in your company:

1. More reliability

One of the main advantages of this maintenance is that it is more reliable . Not in vain, we will be able to know if the machine will last more or less. The information is power, also so that you can plan cycles of operation. Entrepreneurs, by definition, flee from uncertainty and with these actions you can minimize it.

2. More economical spare parts

The planning brings with it the possibility of acquiring cheaper spare parts . Consequently, we have the option to save costs when it is necessary to change parts or systems. The problem of ordering spare parts without notice is that we have to pay more for them. Predictability is convenient for everything, but also for aspects related to purchases.

3. Increase in productivity

It is evident that anticipating the problems that can arise allows us to be more productive . The application of predictive maintenance will allow the performance per hour to be better. Therefore, in large companies or in large capacity machines, it is the most recommended option. In a very competitive business world, making a difference is fundamental.

4. Lower long-term costs

It is true that predictive maintenance requires a high investment . Now, the truth is that the hours that we will dedicate later to maintenance tasks are less, so this method is convenient in the long term . As a result, we will achieve cost savings in the medium and long term.

5. Requires the competition of qualified personnel

It is not a secret that certain machines have complex operating systems . Therefore, if you are interested in applying predictive maintenance you must have qualified personnel . This is the way to get to monitor the processes and take advantage of them.

The treatment of the machinery must be adequate to last longer. However, we will not deceive you, knowing how to choose the right model for your needs is fundamental.