Hosted SFTP Server: Upload Data Safely through SFTP Server

Hosted SFTP Server - SFTP is a Secure File Transfer Protocol, which is a method of transferring files between computers via SSH securely secure data flow.

Definition of SFTP

  • An interactive file transfer program can be said to be a kind of FTP
  • All operations through encryption
  • Uses several features from ssh such as public key authentication and compression
  • Connect and log into the specific host and continue the interactive command mode


Securing the process of transferring and copying files by using features that are on SSH, both encrypted, compiled and public key.

Starting SFTP

The initial commands for SFTP are as follows:
sftp user @ server-ip-adress. The first time you connect, SFTP will report that "The authenticity of the host" (the name of the server / host in question) "can't be established .." This means that SFTP does not have "the name of the server / host to be addressed" in the database host known.

After that there will be a question asking whether you will continue the server connection, answer yes at the prompt to connect to the server.

Next, sftp will add the 'server name / destination' to the list of known hosts, and ask for the password from the server you are headed to. Then enter the password, and sftp will log in and come with the sftp prompt, like this:

Getting Files

How to download or get files from an SFTP server. By typing the command
  • get
  • For example, to download a file called "", the following command will be used:
  • sftp> get
  • And to download this file and save it as "readme.txt", the following command will be used:
  • sftp> get readme.txt

When surfing the internet, sometimes we are forced to use public connections or wifi in public places. Often this creates a vulnerability where there are irresponsible parties who can spoofing the network so that they can monitor our activities. This is very bad. Especially when you are connected to an FTP server to upload data.

Then use the SFTP method to strengthen the security of your data transfer.

The hosting account is usually equipped with FTP to upload. But often users don't know that they can use Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) when making file transfers. Here are the steps:
  1. Open Filezilla or your FTP Client.
  2. Fill in as usual, only on the host address, fill in sftp: // and on the port section fill in port 22. Port 22 is usually used for SSH (secure shell) so that it is more secure.
  3. When successful, the directory description listing successfully appears.
  4. There is no difference from the results of the listing listing. It's just that, because you are using port 22 with SFTP, your file connection will be safer.

SFTP service on some hosting providers may be closed. So if you encounter problems when connecting to SFTP, please contact directly to your provider.