A Affordable Auto Insurance to Protect Your Vehicle

A Affordable Auto Insurance to Protect Your Vehicle - The high number of accidents caused car users to seek more protection for vehicles and themselves. One way to provide more protection when d...

The high number of accidents caused car users to seek more protection for vehicles and themselves. One way to provide more protection when driving a car is to have car insurance. By having car insurance, if there is a disaster that befalls you, then the risks that are affected can be minimized.

Then, how to determine an affordable car insurance? Find out here, how to choose the best car insurance to protect your vehicle. Protection is not only given for yourself, but also for our cars. But how do you choose the best car insurance? Check out the methods below!

A Affordable Auto Insurance to Protect Your Vehicle

Having a private car can make it easier for all the activities we live. Compared to motorcycles, cars offer more convenience to its users. Using a car, you can avoid heat and rain. The car can also bring all your small family members to join in traveling together. So it is not surprising that almost the majority of the Indonesian population, especially those living in urban areas, have private cars.

But you need to remember that there are risks behind the ownership of motorized vehicles such as probable cars. The risk can be in the form of accidental damage, natural disasters, destruction by other parties. This is the reason why the car is one of the assets that needs financial risk to be managed through insurance protection.

The Right Way to Choose a Affordable Auto Insurance to Protect Your Vehicle

But you need to know that choosing the best car insurance right is not as easy as it seems. So that later you will not regret buying the car insurance. Transkerja.com has several ways that you can use in choosing the best car insurance, i.e.:

Know the Best Types of Auto Insurance

The first way is to find out the best type of car insurance available. In general, the best type of car insurance is divided into two, namely Total Lost Only (TLO) and All Risk. TLO is the best type of car insurance that guarantees damage to cars that occurs above 75%. As for All Risk, the opposite is true of TLO because it can provide overall protection to your car if there is any risk.

Adjust to your needs

Before choosing a product or type of car insurance, it's better to adapt it to your needs. In general car insurance has two types such as all risk insurance or total loss only insurance (TLO).

All risk insurance guarantees compensation or repair costs for partial or total loss / damage to vehicles that are directly caused by collisions, collisions, upside down, slips, mired, bad deeds, theft, fire, or other traffic accidents.

While insurance Total Loss Only (TLO) provides compensation for loss / total damage to the vehicle that is directly caused by a fire car, the car has an accident such as a car collision, collision, upside down, slip, mired, evil deeds, theft, or accident other crossing. (Maximum vehicle age is 15 years).

Get to know the road conditions that you often go through

Actually the most important thing when you decide to take the best car insurance is to recognize the condition of the car that you have and the roads that are often traversed because this will determine which type of insurance is suitable for your car. A new car with an old car or a long-used car will not be the same.

Choose a trusted insurance company

In order for prospective customers to feel safe with selected insurance companies, it is good that the company has indeed been recognized by certain institutions. The institution that controls and oversees the financial services industry in Indonesia is the OJK (Financial Services Authority).

Compare More Than One Insurance Company

To get the best car insurance, you have to compare more than one insurance company. Pay attention to the level of credibility of the company and its reputation among users. Find out as much information as possible, whether through the internet or by asking directly to the closest people to ask for advice. If there are many complaints about the car insurance company, then you can switch to glancing at another car insurance company.

Pay Attention to the Service of the Service Provided

This one point is equally important because after all, if you are exposed to any risk, the car will definitely go into the workshop to be fixed. Therefore, you must pay close attention to the credibility and service of the workshop that is the partner of the best car insurance company you choose. Also ask whether the workshop is close to your residence or place of work.

Spread workshop network

Make sure the insurance company you choose has a network of extensive and quality workshops. An extensive network of partner workshops will give you the convenience of determining the best car repair shop to repair your car. Not only that, even better, insurance companies that have standardized partner workshops. So that the workshop has been ensured to provide the best service for you.

Note also the most famous additional feature is the presence of TPL (Third Party Liability) that provides compensation to third parties, towing cars, hotline services, ambulances, car shuttle services to workshops, to road side assistance that can directly help you repair cars directly at location.

Clarity of the contents of the policy

A good policy is to explain in detail what things are covered, not covered, to become extensions. Not only explained in the policy, but customers must also get information clearly from the selected insurance company. Do not let the customer submit a claim but is refused by the insurance company for reasons not covered.

Easy claim process

When a customer submits a claim, make sure the chosen insurance company provides a lot of convenience. One of the conveniences that can be felt by customers in the current era if it is integrated with technology. Customers can make claims via the application by only filling in a chronological report of the incident of damage, carrying out photos of car damage, filling in personal data and choosing the time of the customer's vehicle to enter the workshop.

Availability of 24-hour customer service

Make sure the insurance you choose provides 24-hour customer service. Whenever you experience a disaster such as an accident, customer service will be ready to help you. And make sure the facilities provided are according to your needs.

Don't be tempted by cheap prices

Don't be tempted by cheap premium prices. First check whether the cheap premium price will affect when filing a claim. Do not let this will adversely affect your finances.

A Affordable Auto Insurance to Protect Your Vehicle
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