Usefulness of Nylon Nets for Fishermen

Nylon nets are nets that are usually used by fishermen and fish farmers to catch fish or protect fish ponds.

As the name suggests, of course this net is made of Nylon.

The distinctive feature of this nylon net is that there is a twist in each thread.

The coil functions as a net reinforcement so it is not easy to tear and last longer.

When compared with a rope of the same diameter, this net is stronger because it consists of several turns.

Although strong, these webs are very flexible and flexible when used.

Usefulness of Nylon Nets

Usefulness of Nylon Nets for Fish Fishermen
This net has several mesh sizes ranging from very small to very large depending on your needs.

For small hollow nets it is usually used to catch small size fish such as anchovies and shrimp.

Large hollow nets are used to catch large size fish, besides that large hollow nets can pass small fish that are not supposed to be captured (still small) so as to facilitate fishermen to sort fish.

In addition to fishing, these nets are also commonly used to cover fishponds so that dirt (leaves or garbage) does not go directly into the pond and dirty it.

This net also functions to keep fish in place when pond water overflows or floods.

Nylon Net Bags For Fish Fishermen

Nylon Net Bags

Nylon Net Bag
At first glance, this nylon net bag looks like an ordinary bag.

But we often use it to catch fish in the sea. This tiny nylon net bags is available for a variety of larger sizes used by adults.

In the area we are still looking for food in a very traditional way. Usually they hunt fish in the sea or raise fish in their own yard, and this nylon net bag is one of the tools used to collect fish.

Nylon nets for Plants and Decorations

In addition to fish and water needs, these nets are often used as vertical garden media and home installation decorations.

Mushroom farmers also often use it as a mushroom handling media.

Because this net consists of bulkhead, the fungus will get its nutrients well when planted using Nylon nets and good fertilizer.

Tips for Choosing a Nylon Net

Before you buy Nylon Nets, it's a good idea to pay attention to the following things:
  1. Adjust the size of the nylon mesh according to your function and needs.
  2. Choose Nylon net with Indonesian National Standard Logo (SNI)
  3. Choose colors that suit your needs. Although trivial, a fisherman should use clear white nets to trick fish, while for decoration choose striking and attractive colors like red and black.
  4. Buy Nylon Nets in a Trusted Store.

Such information about Nylon Nets and the ins and outs. In accordance with the last tips above, choose a trusted shop when buying this Nylon Net.