Advantages and Disadvantages of Polyethylene Nets For Catch Fish

Polyethylene nets are one type of multifunctional string that has many fibers, so it will feel rough when touched. Unlike the strings made of nylon which has a smoother surface.

However, strings made of Polyethylene have strong properties, such as steel which is often used for fishing lines.

Overview of Polyethylene Nets

Advantages and Disadvantages of Polyethylene Nets to Catch Fish
Polyethylene nets are derived from Polyethylene strings which are woven to form a net.

Polyethylene strings were known as braided strings, but are now better known as Polyethylene.

The use of Polyethylene Nets

This net is usually used for the following needs:
  1. Fish Catching Net: Fishing in the sea by fishermen usually uses this type of net. Polyethylene strings are also often used as fishing lines for anglers in large areas such as the sea. This is because of its very strong nature, so it can withstand the load (fish) that is obtained when fishing or catch fishing.
  2. Floating Net Cages: Some fishermen also use Polyethylene nets as the main ingredient in making floating net cages for fish farming. This is because, Polyethylene nets are resistant to both freshwater and sea water and are strong in resisting their properties. So that it can accommodate fish catches during the harvest season and can be used repeatedly because of its durable nature.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Polyethylene nets.
  1. Pros: Polyethylene nets have advantages: Not easy to stretch / loosen when used, making it easy to detect vibrations caused by certain objects. In addition, the woven knot of this net is so strong that it is not easily damaged.
  2. Cons: Polyethylene nets have disadvantages: easy to absorb water and the selling price is more expensive than other types of nets made from other materials. In addition, Polyethylene is also a type of item that is difficult to decompose with soil, it can take up to hundreds of years.

Well, that's the disadvantages and advantages of Polyethylene nets which are usually used to catch fish.