Stone Veneer, Natural Stone as Thin as Paper Sheet

Stone Veneer, Natural Stone as Thin as Paper Sheet
Natural stone veneer - Natural stone is one of the materials that is widely used by the community as a building material, especially for the finishing process.

Natural impression and decorative appearance is one reason natural stones are so popular.

The variety of types and the way of installation that is able to produce various patterns and appearance makes natural stone seem a compulsory element in the construction of a house, from parks, fences, and even bathrooms.

With this natural stone veneer material, applying natural stone to the wall is no longer difficult.

Just stick to it!

As if timeless, the look of the house that looks natural is still a favorite of some residents of the house.

Materials that are attached to natural elements are usually used to realize the appearance.

For example by using natural rocks.

However, applying natural rock as a home element can be an obstacle because the original natural rock takes time to install it.

If installed in the interior, the original natural stone can consume space because it is thick.

Veneer stone is an alternative substitute for natural rock.

Veneer stone is an original natural rock with a thickness of only 2mm which can be bent and cut and easy to apply.

This material is processed from natural stone slabs, European resins, and special adhesives that produce a thin sheet of original natural stone on its surface.

Veneer stone can be used as a finishing layer to give effect to natural stones on a surface, such as a wall surface.

Easy application

Viostone, a brand of stone veneer in Indonesia, is made from genuine natural stones such as slate, quartzite, and sandstone found in India

This material is processed with advanced technology, using special formulas to pull the stone surface.

Polyester resin and fiberglass are used on the back to facilitate applications to various media.

Veneer stones can be applied anywhere, from the facade of buildings, walls, floors, wet areas, kitchens, and much more.

Viostone can be applied to various surface areas such as painted walls, concrete walls, ceramic tiles, plywood, MDF, fiberglass, glass, or paint-affected areas such as doors, cabinets, and so on.

The installation is quite easy, only attached to concrete surfaces, multiplexes, gypsum boards, and other types of surfaces.

If the sticky medium is wood, use Fox glue to glue the stone veneer.

However, if the medium is in the form of ceramics and concrete, use special adhesives such as Sika Flex, Sika Bond, or AM37.

Viostone can be applied for various purposes, such as furniture coatings, interior or exterior wall coatings, for example in bathrooms, living room walls or building facades.

In addition to its easy installation, stone veneer treatments are also easy.

But because it is actually made of porous stone, stone veneers can also be mossy.

For this reason, coatings should be given on the surface of this stone veneer.

This is the advantage
Veneer stone has many advantages. Here are some of the advantages.

100% real stone. Made of 3 types of rocks, namely slate, quartzite, and sandstone.
Thin, with a thickness of only 2mm.

Flexible and flexible. Can be applied to flat or curved fields.

Coated with a thin blend of fiber/resin waterproof so it does not damage if exposed to water.

Can be applied to interior or exterior.

Easily cut using zinc scissors and affixed using recommended glue/adhesive.

Anti-shatter and durable stone color.

In our own area, there are two producers of stone veneers, namely: Bark Stone and Viostone.

Both produce stone veneers with varying colors and sizes.

Stone Leather Products are available in sizes 30cm x 60cm and 61cm x 122cm.

For colors, available in 12 color choices that you can choose as desired.

The price is very affordable per m².

Meanwhile, Viostone comes in two sizes, namely 122cm x 61cm and 122cm x 244cm.

For color choices, Viostone also provides 12 color choices.

Also available is a clear translucent fiberglass display, which can provide a transparent effect and nuance from the veins when given light.

So, Are you interested in using it at home?