What Are Car Breakdown Causes? and This Is the First Aid

In order not to be confused when you experience it, you must know the cause of the car breaking down so that you can perform first aid on the car.

Driving safely and smoothly is everyone's hope. However, there are times when the car becomes unfriendly or breaks down. Therefore, you must know the cause of the car breaking down so that you can perform first aid on the car.

There are various factors that make a car unable to perform its function. But don't worry, every problem has a solution and prevention. Here are some of the factors that cause a car to break down, how to overcome it, and how to prevent it.

Cause of Car Breakdown

Damage to car components and engine temperature can be a factor causing your car to break down. Well, some of the lists below are car components and other factors that can cause a car to break down. Here's the explanation.

  • Troubled Car Battery

The cause of the car breaking down is usually caused by a faulty car battery. The battery is a component that serves to supply electricity so that the engine can be turned on. If your car battery has a problem, then the engine will be difficult to start.

A damaged battery will make your car break down frequently and be difficult to run. In fact, fatal battery damage can cause other problems in the car engine if it continues to be forced to run.

How to overcome this, you must immediately replace the car battery. Delaying battery replacement will actually worsen the condition of your car's engine, even dragging damage to other components. Ask the services of an expert or repair shop to replace it.

  • alternator

Some people think that a car crash due to electricity can only be caused by the battery. It's not as popular as a battery, but a faulty alternator can also cause a car to break down.

Alternator is a component that functions as a provider or distributor of electricity to the battery. If this component has a problem, then the electric current to the battery will be disrupted, even cut off. This will obviously make your car engine won't start, aka breaking down.

How to overcome damage to the alternator can only be done by replacing it. Make sure in advance that the cause of your car breaking down is because of this component. Then make sure you use original spare parts to replace the components.

  • Starter Dynamo

This is the component that is used to start the engine for the first time. The starter dynamo is the first component that comes into contact with the engine when it is started. This component is rarely damaged, but once damaged, the starter dynamo can be the cause of the car breaking down.

Damage to these components can be caused by age and use. If the car is old and the starter dynamo has never been replaced, it is possible that this component will be damaged. In addition, the use of cars that are not friendly can also trigger damage to these components.

If this component is damaged, you can have it repaired at an authorized repair shop. If the damage is not too severe, you do not need to replace it. However, don't worry, if you are diligent in taking care of the car engine properly, the possibility of this component being damaged is very small.

  • Car Carburetor

Problems with this one car component can also cause the car to break down. Car carburetor is related to fuel. Problems will occur if there is too little fuel entering the car.

A little fuel makes the combustion that occurs incomplete, making the car difficult to start or turn on. If the car breaks down frequently, you can check how the carburetor is performing.

The method is quite easy, you can learn how the carburetor works or directly remove the hose connected to the carburetor, then put it in a bottle. After that, try to start the car.

  • Overheat

The machine has a certain tolerance limit to heat. If this tolerance limit is violated, it will cause overheating of the engine, so the car breaks down. This can happen if you don't regularly check the radiator water in your car.

Radiator water functions as engine coolant. If this water is lacking or even runs out, then there is no longer anything to maintain the temperature of the car engine so that it overheats. This can cause the car to break down and damage other components in your car engine.

How to Handle Car Breakdown

If your car breaks down on the road, there are several things you can do. Here are some ways to treat a car that broke down on the road.

  • Direct the Car to the Side or Shoulder of the Road

In order not to interfere with the flow of traffic, pull your car to the side of the road. If the car has experienced previous signs of damage, you can pull it aside by driving. But if the car suddenly stops, you can ask someone else to help push it.

This is in addition to avoiding traffic jams or disturbances, it is also done for safety reasons. The car repair process will be safer if it is done on the side or shoulder of the road.

  • Turn on the Hazard Light

The hazard light is a signal that the car is in an emergency. In a broken down car, this signal serves to signal to other drivers that the car is in trouble so that they can be careful when crossing.

  • Check Indicator Light

The indicator light on the driver's screen will usually give a signal of the cause of the car breaking down. Look at the indicator light, then check for possible damaged components.

  • Check on the part that is damaged

After finding the problematic part of the indicator light, check the part.

For example, if the indicator symbolizes that the oil is running out, then you need to fill it up again immediately. If it indicates a damaged carburetor, then immediately contact the nearest authorized repair shop.

However, if the indicator light shows the engine is overheating, wait a moment. Check the radiator, then add coolant agent to help lower the engine temperature.

How to Prevent Car Breakdown

There are many reasons why a car breaks down, but that doesn't mean it can't be avoided.

There are various ways you can do to prevent the car from breaking down. Some of the things below you can do regularly so that the car remains safe to use for driving.

  • Routine Car Service

Check the condition of your car regularly to enjoy a comfortable driving. Maintenance on all car components can be done at an authorized repair shop, and ideally is done regularly. You can also ask for regular engine oil changes and tune ups.

  • Preheat the Machine Before Use

Do not forget to warm up your car engine before using it for driving. This is done so that the engine performance can be maximized when the car is running. Even though you rarely use the car, you still have to regularly warm up the engine to maintain its performance.

  • Always Check Fuel

Checking the availability of fuel in the car is an absolute thing and must be done. Don't let your car break down just because of lack of fuel. Make sure your car has enough fuel for the trip.

  • Have a Subscription Workshop Number

Just in case there is a problem, you should save the phone number for your office or regular repair shop employee on your cell phone.

This will help you in times of emergency. You can call them to come over, or if far away ask for directions on what to do.