Automatic Car Breakdown Sudden? Know How to Overcome & Cause!

Not a few people currently prefer automatic cars over manual cars. This is because of its easy operation where the driver only needs to adjust the brake and gas pedals while driving. Whereas in the past, automatic cars were identical as vehicles for women or the elderly who still liked to drive.

Similar to manual transmission cars, automatic cars are also prone to breaking down which can be caused by several things. Here is information on the causes of automatic cars breaking down and how to overcome them!

Problem with Automatic Transmission

In automatic cars , the transmission of the car's gear is easy to adjust. However, if you enter the wrong tooth, it can cause serious problems, one of which is breaking down. Usually the mistake that is often made is forgetting to enter the right gear when parking the car, thus making the car unable to start.

How to deal with automatic cars breaking down due to transmission problems, namely shifting gears to the neutral position (N), then trying to turn on the engine again.

Problem with Oil

A problem with the oil can cause the car to break down automatically . For example, due to low oil pressure in the car or car oil that runs out or leaks. This condition makes the performance of the automatic car engine disrupted and can not even run.

The way to deal with an automatic car breaking down due to an oil problem is to check the condition of the oil by removing the oil stick ( dip stick ) from its place and making sure the car engine is turned on when checking the oil. Then try to see the level of oil attached to the dip stick if it is less than it should be , immediately refill it to the limit of the indicator.

Another if the oil leaks. This condition can be known from the presence of oil droplets on the engine. If that happens because of an oil leak, then the solution that can be done is to take it to a repair shop.

Broken Matic Car Battery

Try to check whether the engine and all the indicator lights on the dashboard are on or not. If it does not turn on, there is a possibility that the cause of the automatic car breaking down is due to battery damage.

How to deal with an automatic car breaking down due to a faulty automatic car battery problem : Check the condition of the battery in the engine room. If there are loose parts, immediately close them. Then clean the surface of the battery using a cloth before installing it in its original place. If the car doesn't start, try electrocuting it or replace it with a new one.

Also check the condition of the main fuse cable. The reason is, there may be a broken cable and it must be repaired or replaced immediately. Meanwhile, if the condition of the battery is short, the way to overcome it is by doing battery jumpers.

That was how to deal with an automatic car breaking down and what the causes could be. In the use of fuel oil also needs to be considered in order to minimize the automatic car breaking down.