What Is Quality Seal? Definition of Quality Seal, Quality Seal Meaning and Concept

Quality seals are certificates that distinguish companies and value them from different aspects.

There are many aspects that can distinguish a company for its quality with respect to another. These types of certifications are distinctive so that companies can show them and give greater confidence and security to their users.

An official authority is the one that endorses and gives this type of stamps, since it is the only one that is authorized and endorsed to be able to certify it.

When evaluating the quality of a company, its characteristics, properties, products, among other parameters, are studied.

Types of quality seals

There are different ones on the market, all of them belong to official entities:

  • British Retail Consortium (BRC). This seal of quality applies to British businesses. Its model and implementation has spread to other countries. It is characterized by highlighting companies that optimally comply with their legal obligations, consumer protection so that they can have a better shopping experience, and are protected against irregularities that exist during the process, or afterwards with a guarantee that covers the contingencies, and the reduction of prices in the grocery sector, which is their main field of action and where they value this type of retail business.
  • IQ, the quality of digital companies. This distinction applies to those digital businesses that have optimal accessibility and usability with users, and comply with legal and security regulations at all times. This seal is valid for one year.
  • Global CAP. It is related to the area of ​​food industries. Ensures good practices in food production and its safety. In addition, other factors that it values ​​are the sustainability and responsibility of agricultural practices.
  • ISO/TS 16949. This seal of quality is associated with the automotive sector. It allows users to have confidence when purchasing a vehicle. Parameters such as manufacturing, parts, and critical points that may exist are valued.
  • ISO 9001 certification. A famous seal of quality, recognized worldwide. Many of those that exist have been based on it. It deals with assessing numerous aspects such as customer service, company leadership, manufacturing processes, management and field of action with suppliers and partners. All this is valued, and if it is approved, it entails the delivery of a quality certificate for that company in question.

Obtaining a seal of quality takes effort, time and money, but it improves the consumer 's perception and gives him confidence and security with respect to that brand.

Building a brand with great value is something that takes time, and actions like this will make it stand out in the market and end up trusting it over its competition.

The quality seals help companies to demonstrate their quality in aspects such as achieving customer satisfaction , commitment to their sales process, and their manufacturing, and regulations, among other parameters. All this, when recognized by an official authority, gives cache and value to a brand.