What Is Informative Publicity? Definition of Informative Publicity, Informative Publicity Meaning and Concept

Informative advertising is the advertising modality aimed at publicizing data or relevant facts or considered necessary. This information is clearly detailed and in most cases is verifiable and measurable.

In the world of marketing, the use of informative advertising is usually related to the need to publicize the appearance of a new product or an update or innovation of an existing one.

It is common in the world of communication to consider this category as service information. In that sense, it is common that this type of advertising is also known by the name of broadcast advertising.

Main characteristics of informative advertising

The advertising campaigns of this modality share a series of characteristics:

  • They seek to attract new consumers through the presentation and description of the product.
  • This description is usually exhaustive when presenting the benefits of the product and giving reasons for its consumption.
  • By working with new products, their benefits are considered compared to competitors already present in the market.
  • It is helped by eye-catching marketing tools for the rapid attraction of the audience.

Main fields where informative advertising is presented

Giving clear and precise information about a product is useful in areas or sectors where these have a certain complexity for the general public. For example, the pharmaceutical, chemical, medical or technological sector.

It is important that in this type of product the information offered in campaigns, labelling , packaging and other advertising tools is truthful and verifiable, since there is a strict and specific regulation that guarantees the protection of consumer rights .

In that sense, this concept is opposed by definition to that of persuasive advertising .

Informative advertising beyond the commercial approach

Not only the companies or brands that seek their entry or consolidation in a certain market are helped by the use of informative advertising. Many non-profit organizations, public bodies or institutions use its tools to present their activities to the public.