What Is Brand Reputation? Definition of Brand Reputation, Brand Reputation Meaning and Concept

Brand reputation is the perception that consumers have about a certain brand, product or service.

It can be positive or negative depending on the impressions they have about their images , opinions, certain campaigns and the values ​​they transmit .

The introduction of brands in the digital sector has generated opinions by users in different contexts and that they are taken into account by other clients to develop a brand reputation.

Brand reputation factors

There are different studies on brand reputation, but one of the most famous is the one carried out by Harris-Fornbrun called "Corporate Reputation Coefficient" which identifies 6 factors that are broken down into 20 qualities:

  • Emotional impression: Good feeling, admiration and respect for the company.
  • Products and services: The company believes in its products and services, offering high quality, innovation and positive value from them.
  • Vision and leadership: Has excellent leadership, a clear vision of the future and takes advantage of market opportunities.
  • Work Environment: Seems like a fit company with good employees.
  • Finance: Profitability history, investment risk and future growth prospects compared to its competitors.
  • Social responsibility : It supports humanitarian causes, is responsible with the environment and treats its employees correctly.

Steps to get a good brand reputation

A company's goal is to be perceived as a strong and positive brand by its customers. To do this, there are several stages that you must start:

  1. Research and evaluation: The company makes its own analysis of how it is currently perceived by the public. With this you will know the image you have and if it corresponds to what you really want to convey.
  2. Analysis: Once the evaluation stage has been carried out, you must analyze what is said about it. You can focus on various communication channels to form a clear opinion about it.
  3. Understand consumers: The brand must understand consumers, know why they have come to perceive their company in that certain way. From here you can offer potential customers the products or services they need, as well as work on your image, campaigns and messages to achieve the image you want to convey through all the information you have previously collected.