What Are the Causes of a Car Engine Stops Suddenly?

The car engine died suddenly due to lack of maintenance and supervision from the car owner himself. Perform regular maintenance if you don't want to experience a dead engine while driving.

Everyone wants a car in maximum condition, like it just came out of the dealership. However, even a new car still has a risk of engine problems if as an owner you can't do the maintenance properly.

Even though the car is new, it still needs maintenance. Basic knowledge about cars is very important to help overcome mechanical problems that often whack, one of which is a car engine that suddenly dies.

If the car has a car engine that suddenly dies, it means that the level of damage is quite severe. You should frequently check the condition of the oil, gas pressure, and radiator water to ensure that the car remains in top condition when used for long trips.

In addition to routine maintenance, there is nothing wrong if you also protect your vehicle with car insurance. Because, you or anyone else does not know when the bad risk will come. It would be nice if you have prepared protection to overcome these bad risks.

Causes of the Car Engine Stops Suddenly

There is always a reason behind the condition of a car engine suddenly shutting down. Usually this is related to incorrect maintenance or bad driving. Luckily in the latest cars, there are now available indicator lights that signal if there is a problem with the car.

Even so, there's nothing wrong if you do a manual check to deal with unwanted things. Well, so that you can understand more about the causes of the car engine suddenly turning off, here's a full review.

Faulty Fuel Pump/fuel System

A fuel pump serves to supply the engine with the correct amount of fuel. If the fuel pump does not supply the correct amount of fuel to the engine, the engine will completely shut down. The bad news is that there is no shortcut for a faulty fuel pump. You have to repair it or buy a new one. Also, it's possible that the fuel filter and not the fuel pump are faulty.

The fuel filter is a small component whose only job is to clean the fuel that enters the engine. If the fuel filter is clogged, insufficient fuel will enter the system and the engine will stop. Fortunately, it is quite easy for you to replace the fuel filter.

The third and final thing that can go wrong with your fuel system is a leaky fuel supply line. Gasoline or diesel is transferred to the engine from the fuel tank via the supply line. If the supply line is cut or clogged for some reason, your car's engine may shut down completely while driving.

Empty Fuel Tank

If you drive without paying attention to the fuel gauge, there is a chance that you will run out of fuel. Therefore, make it a habit to check your fuel gauge at least once during a trip. However, keep doing manual checks if you plan to go on a long trip. Because many cases show the fuel gauge suddenly broken while the fuel starts to run low. If your fuel gauge shows you have enough fuel but the car engine stops suddenly, take the car to a repair shop immediately.

Problem with Alternator

The alternator is responsible for supplying electricity to your vehicle. If the car engine stops suddenly, the alternator may be damaged. A faulty alternator will cut off the power supply to vital car components and you'll see lights go out on the dashboard or the engine suddenly loses power. Fortunately, an alternator often shows signs of damage before it actually breaks down. If your car is receiving intermittent power supply, you should check the alternator. The alternator is an electrical component and is easy to repair.

Ecu Fault

Modern cars are equipped with an ECU which is a small computer that directs the various systems and functions of the car. If there is a problem with your car's ECU, you can lose power in your car. Usually, a problem with a car's ECU is indicated by a Check Engine Light flashing on your car's dashboard.

Once this light comes on, it's your job to take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic and get a proper repair. If you keep ignoring the Engine check light, your car will continue to have problems, your ECU will fail and the engine will suddenly die. Further, the ECU is not a component that you can repair yourself. You need to hire a professional mechanic to solve this problem.

Problems with the Ignition System

The ignition system of the car supplies power to the engine to run. If the system goes bad, your car engine will stop suddenly. The first thing you should do is try turning your car key again. If that still doesn't start the engine, then you must have had an ignition system failure.

Car ignition systems have small components such as relays, which control the amount of electricity that passes through them. You can repair minor damage to the relay yourself, you just need to know which part is damaged.

Crankshaft Sensor Fault

The most common problem that plagues car engines is a faulty crankshaft sensor. The crankshaft sensor is an essential part of your car's engine running on many car models. On some car models, you also have a camshaft position sensor, which the car uses if the camshaft sensor is faulty.

In this case, a faulty crankshaft position sensor may not cause the car to stop completely. However, if your car is only equipped with a crankshaft position sensor and you get a fault code on the sensor, you should immediately replace it with a new one.

Engine overheating

Hot car engines can also be one of the reasons the engine dies. There are many factors that make the engine overheating, from a faulty radiator to a problematic cooling system. We recommend that you consult a mechanic if your car is experiencing symptoms of overheating.

Those are some of the reasons the car engine died suddenly. Learning the basics about cars is important to keep the car in top condition. Don't forget to carry out a series of periodic maintenance so that the car is always in maximum condition.