Oil Filter Function, When to Change So the Car Doesn't Get Sloppy

The car oil filter is a component that has the function of filtering dirt before the oil enters the car engine. The function of the oil filter in general is to help the car's performance last longer.

The car oil filter has several components, namely hosting, spring, bypass valve, internal support frame, filter element made of special paper, anti-droin valve clean side, anti-drain valve dirty side, cover plate and sealing.

Well, to know more about what it is and the function of the oil filter on a car, let's look at the review below.

Function of Car Oil Filter or Filter

In the market so many who sell car oil filters. Although they have different additional features and benefits, basically a car oil filter helps filter the oil that will enter the car.

Oil is like a lubricant that helps a car engine run smoothly. Imagine, if the oil is not filtered, there could be dirt in the form of very small flakes that enter it, of course this hampers the work of the car.

Dirty oil can also damage car components, because the engine is jammed with dirt that enters.

As a result, the car engine can suddenly be damaged because there are damaged car components. This is, the incoming dirt can make the engine wear and tear quickly. As a result, you need to replace the damaged component.

The usefulness of a car oil filter also helps clean oil lubricate engine components to prevent excessive friction.

Therefore, if you are new to owning a car for the first time, don't forget to pay attention to your "car health", one of which is to regularly check and change the car's oil filter when it's time.

Car Oil Filter Type

This filter or filter has a crucial benefit, namely to keep the car oil clean by separating dirt so that the engine can work optimally. In fact, the distribution of oil to lubricate car engines is also evenly distributed.

There are several types of filters or car oil filters that you need to know, including:

Filter cartridge

This type of car oil filter uses elements that can be removed from the filter housing or filter. connected to the oil system. One of the conveniences of this filter cartridge is that it can be cleaned and replaced by removing it first.

This cartridge oil filter is also divided into three types of materials, including:

– Cellulose filter. made from wood powder combined with fiber. In terms of price, it tends to be economical and can absorb the water content in the oil. Unfortunately, this type has low durability.

– Synthetic filters. made of glass fiber and usually made manually. This oil filter function works constantly and tends to have a long durability, and is able to withstand small size dirt.

– Synthetic and cellulose combination filter, the oil filter in this car has a combination of both functions. Thus, resulting in a more optimal filtering method.

Magnetic filter

This car oil filter uses permanent magnet and electromagnetic components which are useful for capturing ferromagnetic metal impurities that enter the oil. Maintenance of this filter is quite simple, namely by cleaning the surface of the filter magnet that has reached metal impurities.

Centrifugal filter

This car oil filter works by separating the oil from the dirt in it. Dirty oil is fed into the pipe in the middle of the filter, while the small pipe rotates at the end of the nozzle hole. Then, the oil is sprayed onto the rotating filter wall, so that the dirt sticks to the filter wall and the filtered clean oil will return to the bottom of the filter to be distributed to the car engine.

When Should the Car Oil Filter Be Replaced?

The car oil filter will continue to work when the car engine is started. Therefore, we need to know when the time is right to change the car oil filter.

Why? You see, the filter or oil filter full of dirt can be clogged and interfere with circulation in it, so that the distribution of oil becomes obstructed. Not only that, vehicle engines can also be contaminated because the oil filter is no longer working optimally.

Well, if you are used to changing the oil every 10,000 km, you can change the car oil filter when the mileage reaches 15,000 km. However, it is recommended to change the car oil filter every time you change the oil, so that the filter can provide good filtering power.

By regularly changing the oil filter, you help maintain the quality of your favorite car working with prime. Don't forget to do other car maintenance as recommended, so that your car's performance remains okay.

Tips for Replacing and Maintaining a Car Oil Filter

If you want your trip to be always comfortable, don't forget to take care of your car's oil filter. The car oil filter works to collect dirt before the oil is circulated to the car engine components. Therefore, do not let the car oil filter dirt accumulate.

Here are tips for replacing and maintaining a car filter.

Clean periodically

The function of this car oil filter is to filter dirt. So, don't forget to clean the car oil filter regularly to get rid of the dirt that sticks. So, every time you service your car, don't forget to remind the technician to clean the oil filter too. Usually the car oil filter will be sprayed to remove dirt.

This is done so that all dirt is lost and the car engine works properly. So, no more stories about your car being "sulky" because the oil filter is too dirty.

Regular oil change

Each type of vehicle engine oil is different. In addition, the type of oil filter used also varies. Therefore, one car to another has different rules about when it's time to change the oil. You can ask an official repair shop technician to find out when to change the car oil schedule.

Regular oil changes also help keep the oil filter clean and support the engine working properly.

Change the oil filter regularly

The oil filter functions as a dirt filter, so this component needs to be replaced regularly at certain times. The oil filter function will not work properly if you never replace it. The risk, the oil is not filtered cleanly and the car engine does not get a clean lubricant to work.

So, don't forget to replace it regularly so that the car can accompany your days comfortably.

How Much Does a Car Oil Filter Cost?

Car oil filters have varied prices, ranging from 20 thousand to millions of rupiah. However, don't forget to ask an official repair shop to find out the right oil filter in order to optimize the filter function of your car.

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