Want Long Lasting Wet Battery? Here's the Tips!

Unlike dry batteries or MF ( Maintenance Free ) batteries which do not require maintenance (discard them immediately and replace them with new ones once damaged or worn out), wet batteries still need intensive care to maintain maximum performance.

But remember, the treatment referred to here is not only about refilling the fluid when it is reduced, but also related to hygiene care, routine checks and others. Here are some tricks to keep wet battery performance optimal.

Do Routine Checkup

Perform regular checks on the battery and all its components. You can start the inspection by checking for cracks in the battery body, the cover or knob is complete and firmly attached, and make sure there are no peeling cables.

In addition, make sure that there is no rust and traces of calcification on the terminal. If there is, you should immediately remove it with sandpaper or a wire brush and cover the battery terminals with a rubber cover.

Make sure the battery water matches the size

Make sure the battery fluid remains in the maximum volume, or at least in a safe level. The reason is, this liquid is useful for storing electricity reserves in the battery. When the battery fluid is reduced, the battery's ability to store electricity will automatically decrease.

In the market itself, there are 2 types of battery water, the first is the battery in a red bottle or a battery in a blue bottle, and the battery in a blue bottle. For refills, make sure you use the battery water in the blue bottle.

Warm the Car Engine Regularly

Before leaving for activities, make sure you warm up the car engine, at least 10 minutes. This is done to even out the circulation of oil in the engine which is related to the performance of the car.

In addition, this method is also carried out so that the electric current in the battery can continue to be filled by the alternator, so that the condition of the electric current in it will remain stable and maximal. But remember, before heating the engine, make sure the battery water is at maximum volume.

Turn Off Electronic Devices Before Turning Off The Car

Before turning off the car, make sure you turn off all electronic devices in the car, such as tape, lights and others. This is so that when you restart the car, the electric current from the battery is only focused on the engine starter, not other devices.

With regular maintenance, even wet batteries have a usability and strength that will not be inferior to dry batteries. Good luck!