This Is the Reason the Automatic Car Can't Start the Engine

Having problems when driving an automatic car because the engine can't be started? This condition is certainly very annoying isn't it, especially if you are in a hurry. To solve problems like this, you must first know the cause of the automatic car not starting the engine. That way the vehicle will be able to be used normally again.

Compared to manual cars, nowadays automatic cars are more in demand by the public. This is because automatic cars are considered easier to drive, especially for people in urban areas which are prone to traffic jams. Unfortunately, in some cases automatic cars also often experience problems, one of which is the engine cannot be started.

Mesin mobil matic yang tiba-tiba tidak bisa distarter bisa disebabkan karena berbagai faktor. Beberapa penyebab yang paling umum adalah bahan bakar yang habis dan kondisi aki mobil yang sudah lemah atau soak. Kondisi ini tidak bisa dibiarkan begitu saja, akan tetapi kamu harus segera cari cara mengatasi mobil matic tidak bisa starter agar bisa digunakan dengan nyaman kembali.

Nah, kali ini automotive tips akan membahas apa saja yang bisa menyebabkan mobil matic tidak bisa distarter. Jadi pastikan kamu tidak melewatkan ulasan lengkapnya ya!

Causes of Matic Cars Can't Start the Engine

To avoid a bigger problem, vehicle owners must immediately find out the reason why the automatic car engine cannot be started by hard brakes in order to find the right solution. Here are some conditions that can cause an automatic car engine to not start.

1. Car Battery Is Weak

One of the most common reasons why an automatic car engine won't start is due to a worn out battery. The battery is the resource needed to start the automatic car engine. With overuse, the car battery will run out of power. If left unchecked, this will be the cause of the automatic car not being able to start the engine.

In general, car batteries are normally used for 2 to 5 years. If more than that, usually the battery becomes weak and cannot be used to start the car using the starter. In addition, you also need to take care of the car battery by regularly heating the car every day. If your car battery is starting to get weak, to make it normal again, you need to recharge the battery at car repair shops or replace it with a new car battery.

2. Ignition Switch or Ignition Key Problem

Ignition switch is a car ignition that connects the car engine with electricity. If there is a problem with the ignition switch, it can cause the car to not start but the lights turn on because of a disturbance so that electricity does not reach the engine.

The way to solve this problem is to check to see if the electricity is still there and can reach the car engine. If the electrical system is still there, you can connect it directly without going through an intermediary ignition. In this way usually the automatic car engine will turn on again.

3. Damaged Spark Plug, Spark Plug Wire and Coil

Another factor that can also cause an automatic car to not start and sound tek tek is because the spark plug and car oil have problems. To turn on the starter, the car needs a spark generated by the spark plug. If the spark plug of the car is problematic, dirty or damaged, it will not be able to produce sparks so the car will also not be able to be started.

To deal with problems like this, you must first check the condition of the spark plugs by pulling them out. Next clean the spark plug components from dirt that might stick then put it back in and try to turn on the car engine starter. If the car doesn't start, it means the spark plug is faulty and you need to replace it.

4. Fuel Filter or Fuel Filter Clogged

Full of fuel but the automatic car can't be started? The problem could be because the fuel filter is clogged or damaged. The filter itself is a filter component that separates water and dirt from the fuel. With such an important role, it's no wonder if the fuel filter has a problem, it can be the cause of the brio matic car not being able to start.

If the filter is damaged, water and dirt will mix with the fuel and enter the car engine, causing it to become clogged. As a result, the fuel cannot reach the engine so the car cannot be started. To avoid this kind of thing, you need to check and replace the fuel filter regularly.

5. Low Cylinder Compression and Troubled Choke

Other causes that can make an automatic car engine unable to start are due to low cylinder compression and problematic chokes. This factor is the most common cause when the battery is new but the automatic car does not start. Low cylinder compression makes the engine power more so that the engine will not be able to start when it is started.

6. Dirty Injectors or Clogged with Dust

One more factor that can cause the car to not start the engine is a problem with the injectors. This can happen when the injectors are dirty or clogged with dust. If the injector has a problem, then the fuel supply to the cylinder becomes blocked. As a result, the automatic car engine will not be able to turn on when it is started.

This condition usually occurs in the latest cars that already carry the injection engine. However, for old types of cars, this problem will not occur because they still use a carburetor to spray fuel into the combustion chamber or cylinder. So don't be surprised if you will find this problem in automatic car starters.

In addition to the several factors above, automatic cars that cannot be started can also be caused by other things, such as running out of fuel and causing damage to car components that are not detected. Therefore, it is very important to check the condition of the car regularly to find out if there is a problem that can cause the car starter to not turn on.

How to Overcome Automatic Cars Can't Start

Using an automatic car is indeed more comfortable, especially for driving in urban areas that are prone to traffic jams. However, because it uses an injection engine, this type of car often has problems when starting the engine through the starter. Problems can occur when the car cannot be started but the lights are on.

Obstacles like this must be addressed immediately so as not to cause a bigger problem. If your car's starter has a problem, there are several ways you can try to fix it, namely:

1. Check Fuel Pump Parts

One way to deal with automatic cars that can't be started is to check the fuel section. This method is the same as the way to overcome the motor cannot be started even though the battery is new. Fuel pump is a feature that functions to regulate the flow of car fuel to keep it smooth so that it is comfortable when used. If the car's engine starter does not start, it could be that the fuel pump is in trouble.

To check this fuel pump, you just need to look at the Multi Information Display (MID) on the screen, the keyless car cannot start. From there you can see the latest condition of the fuel pump whether there is a problem or not. If the fuel pump has a problem, the flow from the fuel can't run smoothly or is cut off. The stagnation of the flow of fuel is what makes the car unable to start. This condition usually occurs because the engine is cold or there is dirt.

2. Check the Condition of the Car Battery

The battery is one of the most important car components because it is a power supply to ensure the car engine can run when it is started. If the battery has a problem or runs out, then you will get a problem in the form of an automatic car that cannot be started with a tek tek sound. To prevent problems like this, you must regularly check the condition of the battery regularly and carry out routine maintenance.

A problematic battery can not only make the car unable to start the engine, but it can also cause the car to break down in the middle of the road when used. To ensure the condition of the battery, you only need to check both poles of the battery and then clean it if it is dirty. A dirty battery can also be the cause of the car suddenly turning off and not starting.

In addition to cleaning the dirty battery, you also need to check the instrument panel indicators. You have to make sure whether the battery is on or not. If the battery does not turn on, it means that there is damage to the components so you need to replace the car battery with a new one.

3. Broken Car Spark Plug

Damaged spark plugs are also one of the causes of automatic cars not being able to start the engine. To fix this, you need to check the condition of the car by pulling it out first. If the spark plug turns out to be dirty, then you just need to clean it so it can function properly again. In addition, you also need to make sure that the spark plug can still produce sparks of fireworks as an electrical medium to start the car engine when it is started.

To make sure whether the spark plug is still functioning properly or not, you have to put it back in and then try to start the car starter while seeing if the spark plug ignition is still there or not. So if there is a problem with the spark plug, don't immediately replace it with a new one but try to clean it first and then try again whether it still works or not.

If during inspection it turns out that the spark plug does not produce sparks, then the best solution is to replace it with a new spark plug. In addition to spark plugs, you also need to check the carburetor. Clean the carburetor regularly to make sure there is no dirt stuck to it that can hinder its function.

4. Check the Condition of the Alternator and Starter Dynamo

The cause of the automatic HRV car cannot be started, it could also be because there is a problem with the alternator and dynamo. Cars that are over 8 years old are usually prone to damage to both parts, which causes the alternator to not be able to supply electricity from the battery so that the automatic car cannot be started.

The alternator itself is a component that has a function to maintain the voltage on the battery water so that it is always in a stable condition. An alternator that has a problem is usually marked by an unstable power line, the battery logo is always ON and the car suddenly becomes difficult to start.

While the dynamo is a component that functions to move the car so that it can be used. It could be that the cause of the automatic car not being able to start the engine is a problem with the dynamo. If the car dynamo is damaged, then you have to replace it with a new dynamo. To check these two components, you can come to the workshop for an in-depth inspection.

5. Check the Condition of the Car Fuse

The fuse is the part of the car that serves to help the car start. A faulty fuse can also be the cause of the ford ranger not turning on, especially if the spark plug and battery are in stable condition.

The fuse itself consists of two poles, namely the positive and negative poles. Both are connected by a cable which if the connecting cable is broken or problematic it can cause the automatic car to not be caused. To fix this, you just need to put the connecting cable back together.

To check the condition of this fuse, it is better to be done by an expert. If you feel you don't have the ability in the field of mechanics, it would be better to come to a repair shop to check. The reason is that if it is mishandled, it will only make the damage worse.

6. Make Sure to Check the Temperature on the Coil Regularly

Coil temperature that is too high can also cause the car to not start. The temperature of the coil is an important component that must always be considered by vehicle owners. Therefore, you need to check the temperature on the coil regularly to make sure it is always stable so that it does not affect the performance of the vehicle.

If the car starts smoothly but the vehicle cannot run, it means the coil is damaged and you need to replace it with a new one. To check the temperature of the coil, you need to come to the nearest repair shop so that it is more accurate and can be handled immediately if there is more severe damage.

In addition to the several methods above, you also need to check several car components to avoid the cause of the automatic car not being able to start the engine. Some components that you should check regularly include engine oil, electricity and cooling. These parts are very prone to damage so they are often the cause of automatic cars that die suddenly or can't be started.

Automatic cars do offer convenience and comfort when used for driving on the streets. With a variety of advanced features it has, automatic cars are also easier to use than manual cars, so many people choose automatic cars for their daily mobility. But behind this sophistication, automatic cars also have obstacles that you need to be aware of, one of which is the engine cannot be started.

Well, those are some things that can cause automatic cars to not start and how to overcome them. To make sure the car can function properly, you need to do regular car component maintenance. In addition to safety and comfort while driving, this method is also to avoid the cause of automatic cars not being able to start the engine suddenly which will certainly bring losses to you. So, don't be lazy to take care and check the condition of the car!