How to Clean a Good and Correct Car Ceiling

How to clean a car ceiling is easy if you recognize the stain. The ceiling is often dirty but rarely cleaned, so you have to understand how to clean it.

Because the way to clean the car ceiling is also distinguished from the material used for the car ceiling.

Having a clean car is certainly everyone's dream, so that people who ride or drive together can be more comfortable.

Moreover. the cleanliness of the car's interior. because the interior is like a room, if it is dirty, it will not be comfortable to live in, even to accept other people in the car.

Most often overlooked cleanliness is the ceiling or car ceiling. Either because it wasn't cleaned specifically at the car wash or you don't understand how to clean the car ceiling.

If it's like that, then the cleaning of the ceiling of course you have to do yourself.

Yes, there are not many or even very few detergents or special soaps for car ceilings, so most of them are assisted by soap/clothing detergent.

This Is How to Clean the Car Ceiling

So that how to clean a moldy car ceiling, for example, is much more effective. There are several ways to clean the car ceiling that you need to do. In addition to being effective, it can also make it easier for you to remove heavy stains on the ceiling.

Then how to clean the interior of the car roof that is easy and effective, here are some explanations.

1. Use a Microfiber Cloth

As mentioned earlier, to keep the ceiling material intact. Then use a microfiber cloth. This rag does have the ability to lift dust and dirt on the ceiling of your car.

Even though it is effective and is a recommendation, never use a wet microfiber cloth. This is because a wet cloth can contain a damp ceiling and even cause mold.

Do this several times while wiping in the direction of the cloth. In this way, the dirt that can be cleaned becomes even more. It can even be used as a way to clean a moldy car ceiling though.

2. Water and Vinegar as an Alternative to Cleaning Fluid

To clean the ceiling does require a special detergent. Because the ceiling of the car has a special material. You can use fabric cleaning fluid or there is also a way to clean the car ceiling with a vanish.

But for those of you who don't want to bother, you can make your own cleaning fluid from ingredients you have at home. As an alternative soap, you can mix water and vinegar as an option.

Usually this liquid is used to remove oil that has stuck to the ceiling. For the mixing process, take a 3:1 ratio, which is 3 for water and 1 for vinegar.

When it is completely mixed, put a microfiber cloth in this liquid solution and then wipe the oil stains on the ceiling. You could say, this cleaning fluid is quite effective for cleaning because it will not damage the glue that glues the cloth to the car ceiling.

3. Use Air Freshener

In addition to scent the room, you can also use air freshener to clean the car ceiling. However, the use of this air freshener is only for removing odors, not lifting stains.

You can spray air freshener towards the ceiling of the car. But remember, don't let it feel wet because the fragrance can damage the adhesive glue of the fabric to the car ceiling.

So direct the air freshener from afar, spray it thinly so it doesn't make the ceiling damp and has the effect of presenting mildew.

4. Do It Several Times

For maximum results, do not do the above or clean it only once. Do it twice at one time and repeat the same way the next time.

Remember, to repeat the same steps one time, wait until the ceiling is dry, then continue the process again.

This is the best way to clean the car ceiling because that way, the glue and ceiling cloth can be maintained without peeling or peeling off by themselves.

Preparation of Materials for Cleaning the Car Ceiling

To understand how to clean the car ceiling, you also have to understand what equipment to prepare. If you want to do it yourself, the ingredients to clean the car ceiling that need to be prepared are simple.

If your ceiling has a special material, then a suitable soap is needed and does not damage the material. Then what do you need to do an easy way to clean the car ceiling.

1. Fabric

The first thing you have to prepare is of course a cleaning cloth. You can use microfiber or other soft and smooth fabrics.

This is of course so that when rubbing the car ceiling with a cloth, the friction does not damage the ceiling fibers in your car.

2. Water

Use clean water to clean the ceiling on your car. The water should not be mixed with soap or detergent.

3. Cleaning Liquid

You can also add cleaning fluid as a way to clean the stains on the car ceiling. Especially for fabric materials, you can find fabric cleaning fluid in various shopping centers.

The liquid was created specifically to clean the ceiling made of cloth. There are also those who use special detergents for clothes, so there are those who apply how to clean the car ceiling with a vanish.

But back to the materials used in your car. Is the way to clean the car ceiling with vanish suitable for your car, or do you have to use fabric cleaning fluid.

Do not let the detergent used with the intention of lifting the stain, instead lift all the fibers in your ceiling.

5 Steps to Clean the Car Ceiling

When you understand how to clean a car ceiling, you will also know better how to clean a moldy car ceiling or how to clean a car ceiling with a vanish. Here are 5 steps to clean the car ceiling

1. Slightly Dampen a Microfiber Cloth with Clean Water

Once wet, wring out the cloth. Make sure the cloth is not completely wet, or wring it out until the water droplets in the cloth are gone.

This is because if the cloth is too wet, the ceiling will become damp. Then it can also be a breeding ground for bacteria that can damage and cause odors in cars. Of course this is the wrong way to clean the car ceiling.

2. Gently Wipe the Ceiling

After that, wipe the cloth on the dirty ceiling. Gently wipe on the dirty ceiling gently, so that the ceiling material is not damaged or torn.

3. Add Cleaning Fluid

If there are stubborn stains on the ceiling, you can add a special cleaning fluid.

How to clean the car ceiling with cleaning fluid is to pour the cleaning liquid on the cloth. Do not spray directly on the car ceiling, wipe the cloth and cleaning fluid until the stain is gone.

4. Rubbing in the Same Direction

There are other tips that are also the best way to clean the car ceiling. Rub the cloth gently and in the direction of the fibers of the car ceiling. this is useful for keeping the ceiling fibers neat and not easily damaged.

5. Do Not Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Avoid using a vacuum cleaner on the ceiling because this is the wrong way to clean the car ceiling. The strong vacuum suction power can make the fibers on the ceiling of your car loosen quickly.

Factors That Cause Dirty Car Ceilings

But before knowing how to clean a dirty car ceiling, it's a good idea to understand what causes a dirty or even damaged ceiling.

Even though it is located in the car and on the ceiling, there are many reasons why the car ceiling is dirty.

One of them is when you drive while opening the window, usually dust from outside the glass enters and sticks to the ceiling.

Of course, a small omission like this can certainly have a negative impact on the condition of the car's ceiling, especially on ceilings made of sensitive materials such as fibrous fabric. Here are some things that make our car ceiling dirty:

1. Smoking in the Car

Smoking while driving in addition to disturbing other drivers and your focus, also makes your car ceiling dirty and smelly.

This also happens when you smoke in the car when the engine is off. So smoking is strictly prohibited when you are in the car.

Smoking besides being able to accidentally make your car seat with small holes, can also cause a pungent odor effect throughout your car, especially on the roof of your car ceiling.

Ceilings that are often exposed to cigarette smoke also have an impact on the yellowing of the ceiling color.

2. Park in a Hot Place

Parking the car must also be careful, in addition to having to be in a safe place also must be not directly exposed to direct sunlight. This is because the hot sun can damage the ceiling.

Hot temperatures from the roof of the car can directly absorb into the ceiling. This can make the car ceiling quickly damaged and unusable. Honey, right?

How to Clean the Car Ceiling According to the Problem

For some problems, how to clean the ceiling requires specific things. You also have to distinguish how to clean the ceiling according to the ceiling material.

To be clear, here are some things to consider when cleaning the car ceiling. So that the way to clean the car ceiling that you do can be effective and the results are maximum.

1. How to Clean a Dusty Car Ceiling

How to clean a dusty car ceiling is to brush it without water. Brush gently without water on the dusty ceiling. Brushing should also be done with a unidirectional hand motion using a soft toothbrush.

Remember, do it slowly and do not brush the dusty ceiling with water or a mixture of soapy water or detergent. How to clean the ceiling like this is clearly wrong because a mixture of water and detergent can make it even dirtier.

Because the dust on the ceiling will mix with the water. The more you brush, the more the dirt will spread. Not clean that you will get, but increasingly stubborn stains on the ceiling.

2. How to Clean Lightly Stained Car Ceilings

Furthermore, for light stains on the ceiling, you can use a damp brush and a little detergent. This method is done if there are light stains on the ceiling. Use an old toothbrush with soft bristles and a mild detergent.

How to clean a lightly stained ceiling has the following steps

  • Pour the detergent into the water (don't stir). Wait 3 minutes for the particles to react with the water.
  • Dip the brush in the detergent solution then remove it.
  • Move the brush up and down so that the detergent solution is removed and the brush becomes moist.
  • Gently brush the stain on the ceiling gently and in the same direction.

Keep in mind, do not stir the detergent solution, so as not to foam. If the brush foams and touches the ceiling, it will produce spots that cannot be removed. If this is the case, then it does not solve the problem, but creates a new problem.

3. How to Clean the Car Ceiling with Thick Stains

How to clean a car ceiling that is moldy or has thick stains, of course, you must use a liquid fabric.

To use it, you need to prepare some equipment to clean the ceiling, such as a microfiber cloth, clean water and a special liquid for car ceilings (fabric).

After you have prepared all the equipment, then how do you clean the car ceiling? Here are the steps we can take to clean the ceiling.

  • Wet a cloth with water, wring it dry until no more water drips off. Make sure the cloth is squeezed dry
  • Gently wipe the cloth on the ceiling. The goal, so that the ceiling is not torn.
  • Spray the fabric cleaning fluid onto the cloth. Then, rub the ceiling using the cloth. Fabric cleaning fluid is useful for removing stubborn stains on the ceiling of your car.

4. How to Clean a Velvet Car Ceiling

Velvet car ceilings are very difficult to clean. How to clean the velvet car ceiling also needs to be more careful, because the material in the velvet is in layers. So, there is a special way to care for and clean it.

At first, first clean the ceiling using enough water. Then, rub gently with a damp cloth.

Avoid wet wipes, because the outer layer of the ceiling is made of wool, which if exposed to even a little water can cause the wool layer to become more moist.

A damp ceiling will cause new problems for the car, namely the effects of strong odors and mildew. However, if the velvet ceiling is very dirty, you should take the car to a repair shop to repair the car ceiling.

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