This Is the Function of the Wrench and Ring Key

Tools or work equipment in the workshop have various shapes, sizes, and functions. Then, what is the function of the most basic wrench and ring wrench used for the workshop?

A wrench and a ring wrench are usually always included in the car repair toolbox. These tools are useful for repairing, if something or a problem happens to the car. Such as to open the bolts or lock the components on the vehicle. In addition to knowing the various functions of components for your vehicle, make sure your car is also covered by insurance.

Both of these keys have the same function, but both have different forms. The wrench is circular in shape and the wrench is in the shape of a semicircle. In addition, a ring wrench provides greater lever force when compared to a wrench. The ring lock has a rounded design and has good gripping performance.

Further, More About the Different Functions of a Wrench and a Ring Wrench Are Below.


The shape is flat with a jaw model that can be used back and forth. This lock has a different jaw angle, with the jaw closed. That way, this key cannot be used to lock nuts or bolts excessively. If forced to open the object can fall, especially by donating a pipe to provide greater power. It will certainly have fatal consequences that can damage the lock and also the nut or bolt.

This open jaw model allows the key to be used in areas where ring locks cannot be used. Like loosening the fuel pipes that are used to hold other parts from spinning.

Key ring

The main function of this wrench is to provide a larger additional torque on the bolt and nut. This is because it has rather long arms both when opening and tightening. The double hexagonal design on the jaws can make it easier for this lock to be used in narrow and limited parts.

The round jaw design can automatically close the outside of all components that are opened either nuts or bolts. So it is very unlikely to prevent damage to the bolt or nut. With a curved design can make it easier when used in a concave place.

That's all about the function of a wrench and a ring wrench, both of which have similarities as well as differences. These two keys are the keys to basic workshop equipment in terms of opening and locking nuts or stones on car components.