5 Ways to Overcome Car Indicator Lights That Keep Lighting

Even though it has been years of driving a car, not all car owners understand the components that exist in the car. If someone is only a user, generally components such as car indicator lights are not completely known, including how to deal with car indicator lights that keep on turning on. When the car's indicator light is on, can't be turned off, or even on-off-on-off, it's certainly very disturbing. Especially if this happens when you are on a trip.

The car indicator light serves to make it easier for drivers to see the damage that has occurred to the car. Usually this indicator light is inside the car's speedometer. So what needs to be done when the indicator light continues to glow? In the following, automotive tips will discuss in detail about the types and how to deal with the car indicator lights on continuously. Listen!

This Is a Must-Know Car Indicator Light

Before going into the discussion about how to deal with the car indicator lights on, it's a good idea to know in advance the types or types of the following car indicator lights. Anything?

1. Check Engine Indicator Light

As discussed earlier, the car indicator light serves to check whether there is damage to the car or not. If the indicator light is on, it means that something is wrong with the car. Well, which part is wrong depends on which indicator light is on. Check engine is one of the most crucial indicator lights. Check engines with this engine logo can be a sign that something is wrong with the engine or electricity.

Immediately take your car to the nearest repair shop if the check engine indicator light is on. You can't check the machine yourself, because to find out the cause of the damage to the machine, you have to use special equipment in the workshop.

2. Seatbelt Indicator Light

In addition to the check engine indicator light, there is also a seat belt indicator light that will light up if the driver or passenger has not used a seat belt. This indicator light serves to remind the driver to use the seatbelt. Generally, the seat belt indicator is equipped with a sound and an alarm.

3. Car Temperature Indicator Light

There is also a car temperature indicator light that notifies the driver when the temperature in the car is hot or overhead. Hot temperature conditions generally occur when the car engine is driven beyond its maximum capacity or there is damage to the cooling system. In addition, the car's temperature indicator light will also light up when the car's radiator water is reduced or leaks. Immediately alert if this happens.

4. Indicator Sign “Srs”

SRS or Supplemental Restraint System is an additional security system for cars. The safety features in question are airbags, seatbelts, and safety sensors. In the car there is also an SRS indicator that will light up if there is a disturbance in the car's safety devices, both on the airbags, seatbelts. safety sensors, as well as car security.

5. Battery Indicator Light

The next type of indicator light is the battery indicator light. The battery indicator light that lights up when the engine is on or off indicates that there is something wrong with the charging section of the electric current. The way to deal with the car battery indicator light continues to vary, depending on the cause. You can find out if there is a problem with the battery by taking it to a repair shop. There are several causes for the battery indicator light to turn on, such as the dynamo amperage problem or the battery won't charge.

6. Oil Indicator Light

Next there is also an oil indicator light that will light up if the engine oil pressure drops drastically. Car engines need enough car oil to lubricate all parts, so the car is not safe if it runs with insufficient oil pressure.

7. “Abs” Indicator Light

You need to know that ABS is an Anti-lock Brake System which is important to keep the car's braking system from being locked when sudden braking occurs. When the tires are locked, then accidents can occur because the car loses control. In ABS technology there is an indicator light that will light up when the ABS brake system is working. But you need to find out more if the ABS indicator keeps on, it means there are other problems that need to be fixed. The causes can be various, such as reduced car brake fluid, problems with the speed sensor, cable problems in the engine, or others.

8. Tire Pressure Indicator Light

Before traveling, it is important for car owners to check the tire pressure of the car first. Normal tire pressure is needed to make driving comfortable, reduce friction, and increase safety. Fortunately, now many car manufacturers have installed tire pressure indicators to find out if there is something wrong with the tire pressure. The indicator contains instructions on the tire pressure according to the condition of the car. In this case, it is important for you to take this indicator into consideration before driving.

9. Gasoline Indicator Light

Of course, the gasoline indicator light is the most familiar and easy-to-understand car indicator for car owners. Generally, the gasoline indicator light will continue to glow if the car runs out of fuel. Immediately fill your car with gasoline when the fuel indicator lights up. Don't be late, ok?

10. Brake Indicator Light

Before knowing how to solve a car indicator light that keeps turning on, you need to know one of the components of a car indicator. One of them is the brake indicator light. If this light is on, it means your car's handbrake is active. However, if the handbrake has been released but the light is still on, it's probably brake fluid has run out. Immediately fill the car brake fluid using the recommended brake fluid.

11. Door Open Indicator Light

Before driving, make sure the door open indicator light is not on. This indicator indicates that there is one car door that has not been closed tightly. Regarding the different features of the indicator light for the car door, there is an indicator that lights up continuously if one of the doors has not been closed tightly, but there are also more detailed indicators that provide notifications about which part of the door has not been closed.

12. Airbag Indicator Light

The airbag indicator light serves to indicate that the airbag or vehicle buoy is in use. Now if you feel that the airbag feature has never been used but the indicator is still on, you need to find out the cause. Generally this happens when the seatbelt switch is disturbed or there is dirt around the seatbelt that is stuck. This is because there is a very close relationship between the seatbelt indicator and the airbag.

Causes of Car Indicator Lights Lighting Up

Car indicator lights that are lit is actually a natural thing to happen. Instead, the indicator light can tell you what's wrong with your car. But if the indicator light keeps on for no reason, you have to find out the cause. The following are some of the common causes of the car indicator light on continuously, either when the engine is off or on, on Avanza or other cars.

1. Catalytic Converter Has Crashed

The indicator light that keeps flashing is generally caused by a faulty catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is a car component that functions to filter out hydrocarbons in the form of unburned gasoline. This component also functions to filter pollutants from the car engine. If the car's indicator light stays on, it could be due to a fault in the catalytic converter.

2. Gas Tank Cover Not Tight

Another cause of the car's indicator light on is that the gas tank cover is not tight. You need to know that the gas tank cover serves to accommodate the car's gasoline when the vehicle is running. The tank also plays a role in holding the fuel from spilling. Generally, the car's indicator light will light up continuously if the gas tank cover is not tightly closed.

3. Car Oxygen Sensor Troubled

Furthermore, the car's indicator light that stays on can also be caused by interference with the car's oxygen sensor. The car's oxygen sensor is used to check vehicle exhaust emissions by measuring the oxygen. This sensor can also be an indication of whether the car's fuel mixture is right or not. You need to immediately check whether there is interference with the oxygen sensor when the indicator light is on.

4. There Has Been a Problem with the Mass Airflow Sensor

Disturbances in the mass airflow sensor can also be the cause of the car's indicator light on. The mass airflow sensor is used to measure the amount of air flowing through the gas valve on the throttle body. Of course, this disturbance needs to be checked thoroughly so that the indicator light does not continue to light up.

5. Troubled Spark Plugs Cause Car Indicator Lights to Light Up

Finally, a faulty spark plug can also cause the car's indicator light to stay on. Spark plugs are a crucial part of a vehicle. The benefits of spark plugs include engine combustion, battery backup, starting the car engine, and maintaining the stability of the car engine. Check the vehicle's spark plug immediately if the car's indicator light continues to glow.

How to Overcome Car Indicator Lights Constantly Lighting

After knowing what the types and causes of the vehicle's indicator light are on, now is the time to find out how to fix the car's indicator light that keeps on burning. Of course, after knowing the cause, it will be easier to practice how to solve the car indicator light on.

Here are 5 ways to deal with the car indicator light that keeps turning on, which is important to know.

1. Make Sure the Gas Tank Is Tightly Closed

First, you have to make sure that the gas tank is tightly closed. As discussed earlier, a gas tank that is not tightly closed can cause the indicator light to come on. Therefore, the first way to overcome the car indicator light is to close the gas cover tank. Make sure it is secure and tightly closed.

2. Change Air Filter Periodically

The next way to fix the car indicator light is to change the air regularly. Make sure the air in the engine is constantly changing. Air trapped in the engine can cause the indicator light to come on and the oxygen sensor to malfunction.

3. Perform Car Service Regularly

You also need to service the car regularly as a way to deal with the car indicator light keeps on turning on. At the time of service, the mechanic will check all the conditions of the car, whether there is a problem or not. If there is a problematic component, immediately repair or replace it so that the problem does not spread to other components. Perform routine car service at official workshops so that the condition of the car is always maintained. Also ask why the car indicator light keeps on while servicing the vehicle.

4. Check and Clean the Spark Plugs Periodically

One of the causes of the car indicator on continuously is a disturbance in the vehicle's spark plug. Therefore, the way to deal with the car indicator light on continuously can be done by checking and cleaning the spark plugs regularly. Given the very important function and role of spark plugs, it is mandatory to check spark plugs regularly.

5. Always Check the Condition of the Battery

The last way to fix the car indicator light is to check the condition of the battery. The battery also affects the indicator light that suddenly lights up. You can check the condition of the battery by removing the battery head first. Remove the battery head with the minus sign, not the plus sign. Then, loosen and lift the battery head slowly. Let stand for about 5 minutes then reinstall the battery that has been dismantled. Start the engine and check if the indicator light is still on.

That's 5 ways to deal with the car indicator light is on all the time that you need to know. Immediately check if something goes wrong with your car for safety. If self-checking cannot be done, then immediately take it to the nearest authorized repair shop to find out the cause and solution. And most importantly, give protection to your vehicle to minimize the risks that threaten your finances.