This Is the Function of the Strut Bar in a Car, Not Just an Accessory!

Strut bar is one of the car accessories that are generally installed in the engine room of the car. Although it can give a sporty impression. these car accessories can only be found on some types of cars. Usually, found in sports car engine bays.

Therefore, if you want to give a sporty impression to your car, some car owners can make modifications. Not only that, the strut bar also has many functions, especially safety in terms of driving.

For those of you who are curious and want to know more about this strutbar, read this article to the end, OK?

What Are Strut Bars?

Strut bar is an iron or metal bar that is installed in a transverse position to connect the two sides of the chassis in the engine room of the car. This bar is also known as the strut brace.

Reporting from Wap Car, the strut bar works by connecting the body / chassis and suspension on the left and right sides in the car engine compartment to reduce chassis flexibility and body roll. As a result, both of them can work in balance. Without a strutbar, one side of the suspension will require more weight, making the car unbalanced.

Well, usually this component is found in sports cars. but owners of other types of cars who want to add a sporty impression. beautify the engine compartment of the car or increase stability when driving, can modify the car by adding these accessories.

Strutbar consists of a variety of materials that vary, but the most commonly used is made of metal whose shape is adjusted to the type of car. However, if you want to use it to beautify the appearance of your car, many car owners pay more attention to the strutbar model.

The installation itself is quite easy. For the rear strutbar, all you have to do is open the door trim cover that covers the shock absorber bolts, while the front is mounted on the top shock absorber holder.

Function of the Strut Bar on the Car

Reporting from Low Offset. in addition to adding to the sporty impression and beautifying the engine room, the strutbar serves to make the car easier to control when driving at high speed.

Furthermore, here are other car strutbar functions that are important for you to know before installing it.

1. Connecting the Chassis

As previously explained, the function of this component is to connect the body / chassis and suspension on the left and right sides in the engine compartment of the car. Usually equipped with a stabilizer device. such as a roll bar to support safety while driving.

Apart from being mechanical, the component, which is also known as the strut brace. is also connected to electronics so that it can function automatically according to the needs of the car owner. That is why, to connect the front body, the strutbar is mounted above the front shock absorber.

2. Adding Rigidity or Rigidity

Besides functioning to connect the chassis, the strut bar also serves to add rigidity or rigidity to the car's suspension. You can feel the strut bar function when the car turns.

You will feel the pressure on the road surface. In these conditions, the strut bar will maintain pressure on both sides of the car so that the car becomes more balanced.

When the car is more balanced, the handling of the car when crossing corners will also be more stable. Especially if the car is driven at high speed around the corner.

This additional car equipment is very useful to keep the car from cornering to the extreme when crossing corners which can endanger passengers.

3. Reduce body Roll

The next function of the strut bar is to reduce body roll. Body roll or unsteady car is a condition in which the car is thrown off the road.

This condition usually occurs when the car is traveling at high speed and then wants to turn or perform a very sharp maneuver. As a result, the car was thrown off the road area.

However, this condition will not occur if you use the strut bar in the car engine room. The strut bar will keep the car in stable condition even if the car is driven at high speed when you want to turn or perform maneuvers.

4. Maintain the Stability of the Car

The use of a strut bar is highly recommended for cars that are often driven at high speeds. Because, one of the functions of the strut bar is that this component can keep the car stable so it is easy to control.

For sports type cars, it is no longer necessary to install this strut bar because usually it is already equipped with this component. However, for cars in general, you can add a strut bar, although it doesn't have much effect.

However, if it is used to cross the freeway or toll road, the installation of this strut bar will be highly recommended because it can maintain stability and safety while driving while minimizing the occurrence of accidents caused by out of control cars. However, if you only drive on urban roads that are prone to traffic jams, you should not install this component.

In addition to not working, installing strut bars on cars driven on roads that are prone to traffic jams is also a waste of money because the price of the strut bar itself is not cheap.

For the front strut bar, it ranges from IDR 700,000 to IDR 1,300,000, while the rear strut bar is around IDR 1,400,000 to 1,500,000. Prices may vary, depending on the brand of strut bar you choose.

5. Reduce Suspension Flexibility

The installation of this strut bar will indeed reduce the flexibility of the suspension. However, this aims to reduce excessive swing so that the car remains balanced even though it is traveling at high speed.

It also makes it easier for you to control it because of the traction and the left and right wheels can rotate optimally. Not only does it reduce the flexibility of the suspension, you may also feel less comfortable when driving on uneven and potholed roads.

This is because the suspension becomes stiffer, but the stiffness will make the car stable when in sharp turns.

6. Dividing the Force on Both Wheels

With the left and right suspension connected by this strutbar so that it can share the force and pressure on the two wheel axles when the car is traveling at high speed

When the suspension starts to move, the force that has been divided will make the two wheels of the car rotate optimally. This is because the strutbar binds the upper support of the left and right shockbreakers.

After knowing the meaning and function of the strutbar, you may wonder is it important to install this component on every car? For the installation itself, it can actually be adjusted to the needs of each person for the car they use.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! If the car is only used for everyday driving on ordinary urban streets, you should not use a strut bar. In addition to being quite expensive, the use of this component in a car will also make you feel less comfortable when driving a car on roads that are prone to traffic jams, potholes, unevenness, and speed bumps.

That is why, strut bars are not available on every type of car. However, if you want to add accessories to your car, it never hurts to use this "bar".

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