Important Reasons to Use Camera Dashboard in Cars!

Dashboard cameras on cars are one of the technologies that are developing and are widely used by car drivers in the world. Not only for entertainment needs, in fact this one camera has a vital function for motorists.

The development of technology is growing rapidly. This also affects the automotive world. Not only in the field of engines, interiors, exteriors and advanced features on cars, now additional technologies are also being developed to be used, such as dashboard cameras on cars.

Previously, GPS was mushrooming and had even been embedded in almost every car, now there is another sophisticated device that many car users are starting to love, namely the dashboard camera. The camera that is placed on the front is actually still very rarely used in Indonesia. However, overseas, almost every four-wheeled vehicle owner uses a dashboard camera.

This camera has many functions. In terms of entertainment, this camera can be used to record unexpected events while driving, capture moments with family in the car to record activities when you travel somewhere.

But on the other hand, the function of the dashboard camera on the car is for the safety, comfort, and safety of the driver and the car. Because, many bad things can happen and it is certainly unpredictable.

Let's see why it's important to use a dashboard camera in a car!

dashboard Camera on Car So Extortion Evidence Pretext of Accident

Incidents of accidents while driving on the highway are not uncommon. Besides being dangerous for motorists and other road users, in fact accidents are often used by irresponsible people. One of the most common cases is extortion.

When an accident occurs, of course the driver will feel panicked. This makes the driver's position into a corner and can be easily exploited for financial extortion. But, with the dashboard camera on your car, this can be easily overcome. The driver simply replays the accident and sees how it happened and who is at fault.

Car Insurance Claims Easier with the dashboard Camera on the Car

For those of you car users who have insurance, one thing you want from this insurance is to get a car insurance claim easily. When an accident or incident occurs that causes your vehicle to be damaged, of course you make a car insurance claim to get coverage or also disburse funds from the claim.

To make the car insurance claim process easier and faster, this dashboard camera is the best solution. So, you don't just tell the chronology of the incident, but by showing the recording from the dashboard camera on the car you own.

dashboard Camera on Car Becomes Protection When Parking

When parking, the thing that is most prioritized by car drivers is the back of the car. In fact, if you park in parallel mode, the front side must also be considered. Well. it's not uncommon for the front of the car to graze another car while parking due to the limited visibility of the driver and the car's bumper.

However, it's a different story when using the dashboard camera. Drivers will very easily see the front side of the car when parking so that incidents of grazing the car while parking can be avoided.

Every technology in the car was created to make it easier for the owner to drive, as well as the dashboard camera. Looking at all the points above, it feels right to say that the use of the dashboard camera is very important and useful.